World of the Deaf MOTO #11 – Savoir-vivre behind the wheel

Good behavior at home, at school, in the family, at the table - yes. And on the way? Do we have rules of good behavior behind the wheel? Jakub Malik explains in Polish sign language.

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Culture and rules of good behavior in a restaurant – Yeah… Culture and rules of good behavior in conversation or relationships – well… but are there savoir-vivru rules on the way? In this video, you will learn about 5 rules that will make you a cultured driver. I encourage you to watch!

Move dynamically!

This will contribute to showing respect for other drivers and respecting their time – how? Be ready to go after the light turns green. This has an impact on others – how? When, after turning the light to green – you move briskly – more cars still have time to run on the same green, if, however, after changing the light – we will be reluctant to start, fewer cars will pass in this light – some will be forced to wait for the next lights, which extends their driving time.

Be clearly visible to others!

Sometimes it doesn’t take years of hard practice and practice to be a cultured driver – sometimes a little thing is enough. For example, when you change lanes – throw in the turn signal! It’s no big deal and will make the driver follow us it will be calmer for the certainty of our maneuvers. We will spare the nerves of others…

Zipper merge – what is it about?

You’ve certainly come across this term: on TV or on large screens on expressways – how to apply it in practice? As we all know, it is a maneuver performed on the road, the car drives behind the car – joining into one string. This way of driving was a great success in Western Europe, unfortunately not with us – with us, when the stripes narrow – there are traffic jams – all by failure to comply with this rule. So how do you drive properly?

Neither driving very close behind another car nor the reluctance to let others in have a positive effect on fluency! The same happens when we do not leave the lane at the very end – you will end up braking the traffic. So let’s go to the very end of the lane… Failure to comply contributes to this type of driving to the formation of traffic jams and irritating other drivers, it is it is definitely better to enter the lane alternately – we will spare others nerves and time.

Try to be polite with two-wheelers

Although we know that road traffic regulations regulate the coexistence of all types of vehicles, however, that is not all there is to do. As a car driver – always be polite to two-wheelers – how can you do that? Keep a safe distance, even when passing. Do not stand the mirror in the mirror with the car next to it – in traffic jams. Always make it easier for two-wheelers to pass through traffic jams – keeping the distance in front of the car to the side.

Thank everyone around you!

Admittedly, courtesy on the road should be standard, but if you do notice a nice gesture towards you – thank you! How? All you have to do is raise your hand and say thank you, or you can smile! You can signal the rear drivers with hazard lights – They will surely enjoy it!

Applying these 5 steps – will make you a cultured driver! Curious about Savoir-vivre rules in a restaurant or business? Watch other videos tagged with Savoir-vivre.

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