Why I’m learning sign language — We teach sign #4

Why does a hearing person decide to learn sign language? Learn the story of Natalia, who will tell her beginnings with sign. Join us for the fourth episode of "We teach sign!". [Auto-translate; notice an error? Inform us].

Hey! Today I wanted to tell you, why I started learning sign language. I think my story is important, because I am a hearing person – my whole family is hearing. Also, all my friends are hearing. Growing up I never met a deaf person. So for what reason I started learning sign language?

“Communication of the deaf,” University of Warsaw.

Just like you I went to elementary school, middle school, high school. Throughout this time I was completely unaware, That there are deaf people in Poland. I have never – even theoretically – thought about deafness. When did that change? I started studying at the University of Warsaw and in the second year I had to enroll in OGUN, that is, for all-university classes. These are classes unrelated to your field of study -. For example, if I studied Polish philology, I had to go to classes in another department, Such as mathematics. I reviewed the list of classes and I noticed the classes “From the communication problems of deaf people”. The name intrigued me enough, That I decided to sign up.

Deaf people – an unknown linguistic and cultural minority to me

In March 2017, I went to my first class and from today’s perspective I know, That this moment irreversibly affected my life. I started to hear about it, That there is more than just Polish spoken in Poland, but also in Polish sign language, That the deaf have their own language, history, culture, art…. I was completely shocked -. I grew up in Poland and I didn’t know that right next to me is a linguistic and cultural minority.

I attended week to week, In June, they ended. I have decided that I want to continue to learn about the deaf world And I enrolled in a Polish Sign Language (PJM) class also at the University of Warsaw. After the lectorate, it was time to study PJM philology. And just like that, my adventure with sign language continues to this day.

Sign language changes lives!

Now let’s pause for a moment. Let’s imagine that I didn’t sign up for OGUN. What would my life be like now without sign language? I don’t know, I really don’t know. Thanks to him, I didn’t just open my head, I learned a lot of fascinating things, I also met wonderful people. Maybe because of my story feel inspired to enroll in a sign language course? I highly recommend it, sign language is truly life-changing!

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