What to do after an accident? World of the Deaf MOTO #10

Accident - What Next? Jakub Malik explains in sign language. World of the Deaf MOTO #10

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Oh no! And what now? Accidents happen, it is impossible to predict them… Therefore, it is worth being prepared in advance about what to do in the event of an accident. And that’s the theme of this movie. I will explain the 7 steps to be taken after an accident.

Are there victims?

Are there injured people in the accident – if so, to what extent – check it out! Losing or destroying things material is not important, the most important thing is human health! The first step after an accident will be to check the health of others. This is a priority!

Help – 112

Call for help. In fact, it is enough to call 112, the dispatcher will take care of notifying the police, an ambulance, or when the need arises – fire brigade.

Your safety

Securing the scene of the accident. Do not forget about your safety only after you ensure it – you will be able to help others. If, on the other hand, you do not keep this hierarchy and you will want to help others at all costs – it may not end well. Imagine the following situation: you want to help others at all costs, without securing the accident site. You are performing CPR and suddenly another accident occurs, a car next to you runs over you. It turned out a bit poorly… Securing the scene of the accident plays an important role – how to do it? For example, block your car at the accident site, turn on the hazard lights, Also remember about the warning triangle, if you need to – call other people for help.

First aid

Review what you learned in the driving license course.

Take photos, gather information

Gather evidence from the scene of the accident. For what? Later, when dealing with formalities with the insurer, or when applying for compensation – photos or videos will be very useful to you. If it is possible – collect data of injured persons – name, surname and number of the insurance policy.

Wait for the service

What’s next – wait! After the arrival of the police or ambulance service – take over – your task is over. They will take care of the further course of affairs. The police officer may ask you questions related to the course of the accident – feel free to tell him about it!

Notify the insurance company about the accident

If you are injured in an accident or have AC purchased – you have the right to claim compensation from the insurance company for material damage or health impairment. In addition, if your vehicle is not suitable for further driving – you are entitled to a replacement car – with the liability of the culprit.

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