What do you know about the deaf

What do you know about the deaf? #1

Deaf or deaf, hearing impaired, hard of hearing or hearing losses people? What do we know about them? What are the myths and what is the truth? Get to know the deaf and their world. Let us surprise you!

Dear, my name is Tomasz Smakowski. All my life I have been with the world of the deaf. I translate their materials into sign language, activate them professionally, and help to understand the hearing world. It is not an easy task, but with a little patience and willingness – rewarding and bringing results.

For some time, I have had the feeling that what I do — people or institutions like me — we should do something more, faster, better. That there is something we are missing. And it dawned on me. For years we have been explaining the hearing world for deaf’s. But we haven’t explained the hearing. You know almost nothing about the deaf. Deaf are fantastic people! But they have no voice and no representation for you hearing.

A year of awareness about deaf people

That is why the Świat Głuchych Foundation announces the year as the year of knowledge about the deaf. We have recorded short materials for you, in which you will discover who the deaf are, what they struggle with, and what talents they have. We will debunk myths and stereotypes. We will introduce deaf teenagers, parents, athletes – and even deaf musicians. I will show you a piece of my world what working with the deaf is all about, I will prove that you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Because deaf are great people. It’s high time the whole world found out about it. The big “G” — controversy among the deaf. (“G” for the Polish word “głuchy”, it means “deaf”) I’ll tell you about it today.

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