We teach sign language! #33 Leisure

What do you like to do in your free time? It is "free time" that is the topic of the 33rd episode of Learn to Sign! The lessons are taught by Joanna Huczynska. Automatic translation. Have you noticed an error? Inform us.

Welcome to another lesson on learning Polish Sign Language. In this episode, you will learn how to show in Polish Sign Language the terms from the following list.

Signs in Polish Sign Language shown in this lesson

  • walk
  • cook
  • bake
  • chess, play chess
  • draw
  • read a book
  • watch a movie
  • talk
  • make
  • rest
  • ride a bike, bicycle
  • rollerskate, rollerblade
  • run
  • play
  • exercise
  • boat, sail a boat
  • rod, fish
  • kayak, swim a kayak
  • cheer, cheer
  • dance, dance

Of course, you’ll need to watch the video above to get the full benefit of the lesson. The series We teach to sign! is produced in cooperation with the Centrum Rozwoju Głuchych (Center for the Development of the Deaf), which provides both courses and training in Polish Sign Language.

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