We teach sign language #10 Politics

Polish sign language signs related to politics and public administration. Prepared by Elżbieta Zarębska. We teach to sign! #10

Automatic translation from Polish below. You found a bug – let us know.

Hi. Today’s topic is ‘politics’. politics. And you already know how to show the first word in sign language. I invite you to watch the movie.

Sign language signs related to politics and public administration

  • Politics.
  • Sejm (Sejm of the Republic of Poland).
  • Senate.

“Sejm” and “senate” are similar signs. How can they be easily remembered? “Sejm” – why do we show it like that? There are about 500 deputies in the Sejm, so we will show you this (the arrangement of the hands is similar to that of the “500” sign). But there are about 100 senators, so we show it this way (the arrangement of the hands is similar to the sign “100”).

  • Government
  • Opposition.
  • Debate.
  • Envoy. This is how we sign the “envoy”, but we can also sign the “ambassador”, “tourist”, “apostle”.
  • Party.
  • Club.
  • Candidate.
  • President.
  • Prime Minister.
  • Marshal.
  • Spokesman.
  • Mayor.
  • Staroste.
  • Director.
  • Secretariat.
  • Ministry.
  • Ministry building.
  • Minister.
  • Committee.
  • Council.
  • Act.
  • Resolution.
  • Law.
  • Document.
  • Provisions of law.
  • Budget.
  • Tax.
  • Office.
  • Court.
  • Paragraph.
  • Justice.
  • Society.
  • Conference.

If you know any other signs for the words explained here, let us know in the comment. Do you want to know more? Watch the other videos from the series “We teach to sign“. And if you want to learn even more, I invite you I invite you to a Polish sign language course at the Deaf Development Center.

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