„WCAG PLAYER” – a response to exclusion

We present to you a completely new tool that meets the requirements of WCAG, in which the content is adapted to everyone.

Sign language interpreter – you decide about its size

If you are deaf person please press the icon in the bottom right corner with the sign language interpreter. Can you see? A sign language interpreter appeared. At the top right, you have options to choose how big and where the translator should be.

Audio Description for the blind

If you are a blind person, use screen reader programs and find audio description icons. There you will turn on this option and also you can choose a language other than the default Polish. What if the movie’s action is too fast and the audio description can’t keep up with the screen situation? We also have a way for it. The moment the AD appears, the original material is paused.

Subtitles in the movie

If you would like to watch material with subtitles, you already know where to look for the button. You can choose any color and size of the font and the background for it. I invite you to view material about the tool which guarantees access to information for ALL Because everybody has equal rights for access to the information. So, if you want your content to reach everyone due to international guidelines, now it’s possible with one tool.

We saved the best for the end:

  • live broadcasts,
  • conferences,
  • trainings,

WCAG PLAYER has the ability to publish live stream material with such a slight delay as never before on the market. It is a completely innovative solution. Nice, right? If you publish materials, make a „live” broadcasts and want to reach a wider audience – feel free to contact us. ( )

You can find details below. We are a team of people with a tool providing access to information here and now for everyone. Let’s get to know each other and let’s do it together.

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