Venus – Astronomy with the World of the Deaf #12

The planet Venus is beautiful but also deadly. Why can we say that? Join us to watch the 12th episode of the series "Astronomy with the World of the Deaf," in which Nikola Śliwa, using Polish Sign Language, tells us about this planet.

Welcome to another episode of “Astronomy with the World of the Deaf.” Today, we will take a closer look at the planet Venus. It is our “neighbor,” and for centuries, it was believed that there might be life on it. However, research has shown that Venus is deadly to us! Why do we say that? What are the conditions like on this beautiful planet? And how do we know all of this?

We invite you to watch the above video in Polish Sign Language, with Polish and English subtitles. Did you enjoy this video? Leave a comment 🙂 Thank you.

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