UBER – work for the deaf? How to start? What are the requirements?

UBER - work for the deaf? A film prepared for deaf people who fled from Ukraine to Poland before the war. The material was prepared by Jakub Malik (polish sign language). Ukrainian sign language - Tomasz Morawski.

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What do you have to do to start working as a foreigner? To quote a government website – “Citizens of countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland, may work in Poland, provided that:

  • an entrepreneur who wants to employ them will obtain an appropriate work permit for them or
  • the foreigner has a uniform permit for temporary residence and work.

In short, to start working as an Uber driver you have two options:

  1. the first is to report to an Uber partner who will help you get a work permit and sign a contract – e.g. orders.
  2. The second option is more time-consuming for a foreigner – he must produce “Uniform permit for temporary residence and work”.

IMPORTANT! If the foreigner has the status, for example: it is his employer who is released from the obligation to obtain a work permit for him. It means that if you are fleeing Ukraine, due to the situation there, you can start work on the basis of a permit granted to you at the border.

How to apply for a single permit?

The application must be submitted: to the Voivodship office competent for the place of residence / stay; personally by a foreigner, it cannot be commissioned to anyone. What is the waiting time? The time for issuing such a permit should last up to a month, in practice, it is expected from 2 months to even a year, and it’s a long time… hence a much better and faster option is an application for a work permit.

What are Uber’s requirements for employees?

Let’s get back to work at Uber. What are Uber’s requirements for employees? You will find out by watching the movie further. Other companies also offer a similar form of work or employment ie Bolt or FreeNow… In this video, we will not cover the rules or requirements of each of these companies, we will only focus on Uber. Before joining the above-mentioned companies, check for yourself what their expectations are.

There are 4 requirements:

  • at least 20 years old,
  • driving license valid for at least one year,
  • valid medical examination for a taxi driver – medical and psychological certificate,
  • certificate of no criminal record.

Where to make the decision and tests?

In every medical facility with an occupational medicine doctor.

Vehicle requirements:

Requirements for the vehicle / work tool: 5-door, 5-person, minimum 2001. The car does not have to be your property. It is important that the vehicle owner is aware that you are using his vehicle for work.

Many of you also asked about license plates – can they be from another country – unfortunately no, it is not possible… If you want to work with your car, you have to change the license plates – to Polish ones. As a driver, you don’t need to start a business, you don’t need a cash register or a taximeter. This is enshrined in the “Lex Uber” law. Remember that having valid and appropriate documentation / authorizations, working at Uber is completely legal!

How is the payout billed?

In fact, you can start your own business, but it is not profitable due to social security contributions, which you have to pay regardless of your earnings. At the beginning, a contract of mandate with an Uber partner will be a better solution. Who is Uber’s partner? These are companies that hire drivers and account for their income. This is to reduce the sum of contributions. Remember, each Uber partner has slightly different rules and method of settling accounts with drivers. Before signing the contract of mandate – go through it carefully!

If your car does not meet the requirements of Uber or you do not want it to become a work tool – you can rent a car. This will help you get started faster, as they are ready for a taxi. How do rental prices fluctuate? The rental prices range from 350 to 800 PLN per week. If, on the other hand, you want to work at Uber with your car, you must first go to diagnostic station / vehicle inspection station and perform an additional TAXI inspection, to pass it successfully you will need: the cost of such a review is PLN 42. After the examination, you need to go to the office of the communication department, and there the clerk will impress you with the “Taxi” registration certificate.

At this point, it is as if you have completed your task. Then the Uber partner takes over. You must provide him with: certificate of clean criminal record, tests and registration certificate. After receiving these documents, the partner requests an extract from the taxi license. Remember that the taxi license is assigned to a given city and you cannot identify it in another city.

Uber driver earnings

Earnings: the average earnings from the last year are approximately PLN 1,800 per week, not including the cost. In real terms, by working about 10 to 12 hours a day, we are able to earn purely about PLN 800 to 1000 per week. If you would like to work as a taxi driver, but you are not sure how to do it and where to start – we are happy to help!

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