The situation in Spain – an interview with Dani Ruiz Freijo

Dani Ruiz Freijo - a deaf basketball player from Spain will tell us about his life, career and the current situation in Spain related to the coronavirus pandemic. The conversation in international sign (IS) is led by Tomasz Morawski.

Dani Ruiz Freijo is a Spanish athlete and representative for the deaf in basketball. He resides in Badalona, near Barcelona. He is a student at a sports university, preparing for a career as a sports coach. His focus lies in sports psychology, training both children and adults. He represents Spain in deaf basketball and plays for a hearing youth club, U21. He left the hearing club to concentrate on individual training, which significantly improved his skills. He is also a member of a deaf basketball club from Italy.

Feel invited to watch the full interview with Dani Ruiz Freijo, in international language (IS). The interview is conducted by Tomasz Morawski. The video includes subtitles in Polish and English.

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