The Bermuda Triangle – what is it? (sign language)

What is the Bermuda Triangle? Why is it so famous? And is it dangerous? [Automatic translation. Please let us die if you find a bug].

The Bermuda Triangle, once this was the slogan of all plane pilots and ship captains they turned white and felt fear. We are talking about the area in the Atlantic Ocean, the specific place differs depending on the story, the most frequently mentioned area is: and its vertices are Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The place has a bad reputation for numerous tragedies that are not cleared up… but is this place so dangerous?

History of the Bermuda Triangle

The first shipwrecks date back to 1700 and it was not a place of bad reputation. However, the Bermuda Triangle was heard only in 1945. Why? During the training mission, Five American bombers, without explanation, were lost, in addition, when an emergency plane was sent there – and news about it is lost. In total, 6 planes were lost there, wrecks of which have not been found to this day…

From that moment on, even the smallest “tragedies” in this area were the fuel of many different conspiracy theories, some of them are supported by some evidence, others on the contrary… It is worth noting that the disappearances – be they planes or ships – have been analyzed by specialists, and the most common cause of the tragedy is the human factor, technical problems of machines and weather conditions. However, the previously mentioned factors are not unique to this place… though! Are you sure?

Underwater craters?

Some specialists have found that in these regions there are craters under the water, which produces a fluid that is largely composed of methane. This fluid causes the ships to lose their displacement and sink… Okay, but the impact of methane eruptions under water on air tragedies is rather impossible.

The Bermuda Triangle in literature and films

That place is too “special” to attract the attention of only scientists or specialists. Writers are one of those who are interested in this place. What are they writing about this place? Some of them claim that there is a huge city there – Atlantis, and its inhabitants would deliberately sink ships and drag planes to the bottom. Similar theories speak of an alleged portal that would transfer machines to another location, go back in time or teleport into the future… Some also believe that this is a place where strangers reside. However, neither of these theories is based on evidence, and the writers themselves cannot explain why would someone choose this place. Thanks to these stories, the Bermuda Triangle has been fascinating for some and terrifying for others.

A really dangerous place?

In conclusion, is this place dangerous? The problem is that it is difficult to reliably explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Although many tragedies have happened there, it is worth remembering that there are many port cities in this area of significant tourist and commercial importance, the consequence of this is greater air or port traffic in these places, and this may be the reason for the number of accidents… Statistics do not show that more ships and planes are lost in the Bermuda Triangle than in other regions. So it’s a normal place…

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