What do you know about the deaf

“Stone deaf” – Does everyone who uses sign language, hear nothing?

What do you know about the deaf? "Stone deaf" - does everyone who signs hear nothing? Tomasz Smakowski explains that, The Deaf's Word Foundation

Hi, hello! First, I want to thank you for the questions and, of course, encourage you next. You have fascinating insights and your curiosity surprised us very positively. Let’s start.

“Stone deaf”

Breaking the stereotype number three. “Stone deaf” – sure you know the term. You’ve heard this somewhere? Even if you are unfamiliar with it you feel what it means. Is it true that every deaf person can not hear anything?

In fact, some deaf people hear absolutely nothing. But there are some people who use sign language that are not completely deaf, they are defined as hard of hearing. Those people can for example hear individual or correspondingly loud sounds. They can have a cochlear implant that enables hearing to a certain sound; they may have lost some of their hearing or be born with hearing impairment.

So why people with an implant or partial hearing loss using sign language?

One of the reasons is social exclusion. Children who hear differently talk differently. Friends are exclusive to such people from society, because they do not understand them, or simply because it is easier to contact a hearing child. Therefore, very often not only deaf people but also those who are hard of hearing are excluded from social life.

What is the conclusion? Not always a person who uses sign language hears nothing. Be careful what you say, do not treat them in advance, or like inferior or dumber people. They feel it. Each of them!

And personally I do not know a hard of hearing person, who has not been discriminated against, has not heard something about himself that in a different situation the hearing person would tell the other person. Feeling of impunity it’s big but wrong.

At the end, I will add: beware! Cause you never know which deaf can read from their lips! That’s it for today. Thank you for your attention and please feel free to ask questions. “Moron”, “idiot”, “imbecile” – I think everyone heard these terms, but just few know their definitions.

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