Starbucks employs deaf individuals

Starbucks hires deaf people! Where? Bartek Gieras explains in Polish Sign Language.

Hi! Recently, we talked about a café in Beijing, and today we’ll talk about the most popular American café called Starbucks. They are aware that in the world there are people with various disabilities. That’s why in Washington, America, a café was opened, where deaf people work and people who know American Sign Language – ASL.

The café is located near Gallaudet University. There are about 20 people working there. But does that mean it’s only for the deaf? No. The restaurant is accessible to everyone and anyone can easily order coffee there. There are many facilities on site, for example, tablets or digital notebooks, and everyone can use them.

How can you tell if an employee hears or not?

For this purpose, green aprons were invented with a special inscription to be able to recognize a deaf employee. Thanks to this solution, Starbucks has already built another such restaurant, but in Japan. Maybe one day we will have such a café in Poland? Let us know if you would like to visit such a place. Thanks and regards!

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