Simultaneous study of three majors – is it possible?

Is it possible to study three majors simultaneously? Natalia Galecka provides the answer to this question, based on her own experience. The video in Polish sign language.

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Hey! You have passed or are about to you are about to pass your high school diploma and are wondering what to study? Maybe your problem is this, That you can’t decide on that one field of study? How about studying … 3 majors at the same time? Is it possible? I’ll tell you, based on my experience.

Beginnings at the university

If you have never studied before it is better to start with only one field of study. Being a high school student and attending a University are two completely different things. You have to learn to cope at the university, to see how it works. By this I mean, for example, independent arranging your schedule, Scheduling study for the session, keeping track of ECTS credits.

When you are past the first year and you feel that you still have time and strength, To study in more majors – add another major. However, keep a few things in mind.

First, the place where the classes are held. If the courses you want to study, are in one department, or the buildings are next to each other – then arranging the plan will not be a problem, A 15-minute break will calmly is enough for you to change the room.

Second, the number of people per year. When registering for a degree program that have a lot of people per year, such as 200 – it’s much easier to tailor a plan to suit you. It’s different in the small majors – you will probably get a plan, in which you won’t be able to change anything.

Third – do you want to study all majors do you want to study daily? Perhaps a better option would be, If one direction is Monday through Friday, and the other – on Saturday and Sunday. Then the problem of arranging the plan disappears.

Three fields of study in practice

So much theory, I will now show you an example. I studied three majors for a year: 2nd year of graduate studies Polish philology; 1st year master’s degree in PJM philology. Both majors were at the University of Warsaw University and were full-time studies. I also studied 3rd year economics at UKSW and it was already a part-time study. I managed only because everything was perfectly composed.

Polish philology and Polish sign language (PJM) philology belong to the Polish Studies Department. PJM philology is a small major and I could not make changes to the plan, But Polish philology is studied by many people, so I combined the two plans without a problem. Economics, on the other hand, was not only on weekends, But my department was close to my home, As a result, I didn’t waste much time commuting.

Studying three majors, that’s three times more….

As you can see, in terms of logistics studying 3 majors is possible. However, you need to keep two things in mind. First, it precludes combining studies with work. Second, even if you are studying one course of study, session is a tough experience, right? Now multiply that by 3. There’s a huge amount of learning…

It can also be a problem with coming to the exam. In the case of the oral exam, changing the date is most often not a problem, But with written exams you get a fixed date and time. This can lead to clashes deadlines, which is very stressful. In addition, not every instructor will go your hand on rescheduling.

One last issue – mental health. I managed to pass all exams in the first term, But at a great loss to my well-being. If I were to study 3 majors for more than a year — I would probably give up one direction.

Therefore, in conclusion – studying three majors majors is as possible, if you think it through and work it out well. However, think about whether you really you want to work on strength. Life is not just about studying.

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