School for the Deaf – Then and Now. A Conversation with Graduates, part 3

The third part of the conversation between Asia and Piotr, who share their school experiences, comparing modern Deaf schools to those from 30 years ago.

The third and final part of the conversation between two graduates of schools for the Deaf – Asia and Piotr. Asia recently finished school, while Piotr graduated many years ago. How has the education of deaf individuals and the conditions in schools changed over the past few decades? Be sure to watch this conversation. It’s in Polish Sign Language (PJM) with subtitles in Polish and English.

The main topics discussed in the conversation include:

  • Making arrangements without a phone
  • Foreign languages in Deaf schools
  • Dream professions?
  • Exams in school
  • Games and fun
  • Punishments for students
  • The importance of speech therapy for the Deaf
  • Teachers in Deaf schools
  • Physical education in school
  • How do Deaf people dance?
  • What are your school memories?
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