Savoir-vivre – In business. Explanation in sign language

What are the rules of savoir-vivre in the workplace? In Polish Sign Language, Jakub Malik explains in "Savoir-vivre - In Business".

Savoir-vivre, i.e. rules of appropriate behavior. What are the principles of good business behavior? Keep watching!

Savoir-vivre in professional life

Savoir-vivre regulates very many spheres of of our lives, including the business one, that is, the professional one. Here are, in my opinion, the most important aspects of of this branch of the rules of good upbringing: Rules of savoir-vivre On greeting and farewell As well as the dress code, i.e., the attire in force in a given company or institution.

Greeting and farewell

Decision to shake hands in greeting or to choose its other form – belongs to the boss. Our task is to match it. If I say “good morning” to us, we respond in the same way, if he shakes hands — handshake. Savoir-vivre says, That the decision on the form of greeting belongs to the person in a higher position. The issue with bowing is different -. person in a lower position bows first. When it comes to saying goodbye – The signal always comes out from the boss. Remember that in business, the boss is the boss, regardless of age or gender. So if after the boss-man meeting and the female employee leave the room, then the female employee should let the boss pass – holding the door for him, Whereas when the same situation involves people of two genders In equivalent positions – watching the previous video, you certainly know what to do – A man lets a woman pass.

Dress code applicable to the company or institution

The rules for representatives of both sexes preach, differ from each other, But they share several common features – such as to choose clothing as little defiant as possible, always clean and neat. Excluded are clothes with holes or stains. What else do the rules of good upbringing say about our clothing?

Savoir-vivre in business – woman

The standard set looks as follows: white shirt, jacket, skirt -. skirt should end just past the knee Or slightly in front of it, not higher. The shirt should be made of non-transparent, matte material, It is best to choose a flesh-colored bra under it. You can also put a dress of the same length as the skirt, Just past the knee, slightly in front of it, no higher, In a set with a shirt and necessarily with long sleeves. If you really dislike skirts and dresses, you can wear a set with pants. Avoid flashy makeup, large necklines, flashy jewelry, nail tips, nail stickers. Always wear tights, Only put on shoes with covered toes. Don’t wear things that are see-through. Avoid multi-colored clothing, And bet on black and gray. As for women, that would be it.

Savoir-vivre in business – male

The standard set is: Shirt, tie, jacket and pants. Don’t wear either short shorts, Nor a short-sleeved shirt, even under a suit. The suit should be properly fitted – The pants and jacket must not be too long or short. The pants should be the same color and of the same material as the jacket. Wear elegant, such as leather shoes. Don’t come to a business meeting in athletic shoes or sandals. Socks must also have the appropriate length. Remember that jacket buttons must be fastened when you are standing, you can unbutton them after you take your seat and fasten them again when standing up. Avoid jewelry -. only an elegant watch will be advisable. In the outer pocket of of the jacket do not put For example, glasses or a handkerchief. You can put a pillowcase in the color tie and made of the same material.

Behavior during the meeting

Finally, briefly about behavior during the meeting. The rules of good business etiquette also require, to not be late for meetings, and while they are in progress do not answer the phone, It is also impossible to glance at it every now and then, to check incoming messages. The phone itself should be muted.

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