Savoir-vivre, at the table, part 2 (sign language )

What to do and what not to do at the table? How to behave while eating a meal with the people? You will find out in the second episode of Savoir vivre, in which Kuba Malik explains in Polish Sign Language the rules of proper behavior while eating a meal. We cordially invite you to watch the movie.

Savoir – Vivre Watching this and the earlier movie – you will learn about the majority of basic table behaviours.

Putting cutlery aside

After finishing the meal cutlery should be placed on the plate In parrarel, on the right side. Put the fork back with the backside up. 

Don’t leave the table too early

You shouldn’t leave the table before everyone finish eating or without obvious necessity. If you must do this, say “Excuse me”. Don’t leave the table without saying a word.

Mute your phone

The cell phone should be muted throughout the meal, We not recommended to use phone during the meeting. Don’t leave the table to answer the phone.

Behavior at the table

You shouldn’t be talking with your mouth full only when you swallow whole piece of food – you can speak. Try not to gesticulate with cutlery in hand – put them aside when you want to sign something. It is not proper to turn around, scratch, improve hair, or make strange gestures. Ladies shouldn’t touch up their makeup at the table.

Be moderate

You shouldn’t over-comment the taste of the dishes or the quality of the wine. Be moderate during the meeting in both criticism and praise. You won’t bet this way hosts in an awkward situation. If you don’t want some more or a refill of wine, do not cover the plate or glass with your hand. Just say thank you so that he will not give you more. When you finish your meal don’t push the plate away from you. When you talk to your guests, do it in a moderate tone of voice. Don’t raise your voice to communicate with people at the end of the table. Opportunity to talk to them for sure will happen later in the meeting. These were the basic principles of good and elegant table manners.

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