Savoir vivre # 1 – how should you behave at the table?

Savoir-vivre - what is it? Who is affected? And what does it look like? We invite you to a new series of videos that will introduce us to the rules of behavior that apply in various situations.


Savoir-vivre – for start I’ll explain what it is. Savoir-vivre is a appropriate behaviour in certain places and situations. Good manners are important not only in business, for the bourgeoisie or for people, whose are wearing  ties. Are these rules involved also “ordinary” people? Good manners are the basic rules which testifies about our upbringing and personal culture. The most basic behaviors in various places – we will try to present You in the next episodes. Every movie will be included 5 rules – relating to a given place.

Rules of behavior at the table

We will start from behavior at the table, Let’s start!

  1. Wait for other guests to start the meal. Even if you get the dish as a first-person, don’t start eating by yourself. Wait, until the rest of the guests will get their meals. Don’t eat too fast or too slow. Try to eat “normally” – so how? Try to eat at a similar time like the other guests.
  2. Slice the food at the right moment. I mean, slice just the one piece of food that you are going to eat right now. The food is put on the fork or spoon to eat them immediately. Please, don’t slice pieces of food for “reserve”
  3. Do not swallow large bites and don’t drink when your mouth is full. You should first swallow food then have a drink. Greedy drinking is inadvisable: drink in small sips, don’t drink it all at once so that you don’t give the impression that you are thirsty.
  4. Napkin (square of paper or other material – for wiping off) The napkin should be rolled out and put it on your lap. The napkin is used to gently rub the mouth or discreetly wipe the fingers. If you must get up from the table for a while, put the napkin away from the left side of the plate or on the arm of a chair.
  5. Attitude You should take an attitude straight, without a fake pose.  the meal should be put into your mouth not bring your mouth closer and closer to the meal. Don’t lean on your elbows or elbow on the table, here they can only rest palms up to wrists. Do not reach over other guests’ plates if you need a drink or food farther down the table. The best solution is to ask somebody to give you what you need.


These are the 5 rules of behaviour at the table. You will learn more rules watching the next movies in this series.

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