Children have a voice – Grazyna Garman

Ahead of us is another interview conducted by Maks Garman. This time he talks to his grandmother, Grazyna Garman.

What can you ask your own grandmother when interviewing her? That was the task given to 12-year-old Maks Garman. And he asked, among other things, about school; what conditions were like for deaf people; whether deaf people were better off in the past, or better off now; what her relationship was with her hearing family, who did not know sign language.

We invite you to watch the entire conversation. The interview in Polish Sign Language, with translation into International Sign (IS), with subtitles in Polish and English. In a separate video the original version, without translation.

The Intergenerational Deaf Forum was held as part of the “Intergenerational Center for the Deaf” project. The task is financed by the Minister of Education and Science.

Logo of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland. On the left is the emblem, on the right is the name of the ministry with white and red underlining
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