Polish Sign Language Grammar #1 Facial expressions. Learning to sign #37.

Facial expressions in sign language are of immense importance. But how can you practice facial expressions? Join us for the 37th episode of "Learning to Sign," hosted by Michał Konwerski, where we'll explore ways to improve your facial expressions while signing.

How to express sadness, joy, or disgust using facial expressions? How to practice facial expressions? Facial expressions cannot be described with words – you simply need to see them. That’s why we warmly invite you to the 37th episode of the series “Learning to Sign,” which is also the first of several episodes dedicated to the grammar of Polish Sign Language (PJM). In the role of the teacher – Michał Konwerski.

We would like to remind you that the “Learning to Sign” series is created in collaboration with the Deaf Development Center, which offers courses and workshops in Polish Sign Language (PJM). You can find a list of all the words and signs explained in the “Learning to Sign” series on the Deaf World website. Click here to visit the website.

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