Poland – Sweden, Qualifying match for the Deaf Olympics in Brazil in 2022

Polish footballers defeated Sweden 2-0 and for the first time in history they will go to the Deaf Olympics in Brazil in 2022.

Welcome! Here is the captain of the national team Polish Deaf in football. Today was the match and we won 2-0 with Sweden. Marcin, how are you feeling after the victory over Sweden?

We are very pleased. Earlier in an away game we lost 2:4 with Sweden. New faces in our staff and we defeat Sweden 2-0. A few players were missing from the Swedish team, so they had to defend themselves so we took this opportunity and attacked on their half and we did it, we won. Previously, our friend did not use the penalty kick, but we didn’t give up and we won.

Did the coach have a plan for Sweden? Any tips about what has to be done by you on the court?

The coach said that when the Swedes have the ball, we have to use the pressing strategy to get them lost and lose the ball. When we’re at the ball, we have to take it easy, replace a lot with ball passes. We endured physically and we concentrated for 90 minutes. And it worked.

Was the opponent tough, was the match hard?

I don’t think the game was tough. The Swedes were defending themselves throughout the match, and we attacked them all the time, but there haven’t been many goals, that’s why the rivals’ goalkeeper was defending perfectly.

We are promoted to the Olympics, which will be held in May 2022 in Brazil. We will keep our fingers crossed for the Team and we are counting on your good performances at the Olympics. Thank you!

And I want to add something else, that we were promoted for the first time in the 97-year-old history of the Deaf Olympics. We have just made history.

The match from the perspective of a fan

Welcome! We won! We have beaten Sweden! Introduce yourself.

My name is Marek Bogucki. My sign is “God”. I’m from Warsaw.

You are a fan from Warsaw. Tell me about your impressions from the Poland – Sweden match.

A year ago I watched an away game between Sweden – Poland. We were leading 0:2 then unfortunately, it was worse later, because one of the Polish players received a red card after a foul on a Swedish player. Unfortunately, with teen players, we lost 4:2. Next qualifying match we were supposed to play with Ireland, unfortunately due to the pandemic the match was cancelled, and then Ireland withdrew. Sweden replaced her. So, we treat this game today as a rematch for last year’s defeat. There is nice weather. We play in Pruszków. I dreamed that Poland would win 3-0. Already in the first half of the match, Jan Paczyński did not use a penalty kick. Ho-hum,  We kept playing. There wasn’t too much time until the break. Nothing happened until the break. Already in the second half we had to play so much better, attack more and goals have been scored. We led fast 1-0 and then 2-0 after a beautiful free-kick goal by Jan Paczyński, but unfortunately, the referee didn’t consider the goal because of offside or foul. Then we scored 2-0. End of the match , the Polish national team will travel for the Olympics in Brazil next year. Let’s go Poland!

Thanks for the story!

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