Passionate Deaf #6 — Ola Postawa

Deaf with Passion #6. Sports is health! But how to balance sports, work, and taking care of two children? See how Ola Postawa manages all these responsibilities. The whole story is, of course, in Polish Sign Language (PJM). We invite you to watch.

Each of us has many interests and responsibilities, yet so little time! How to balance work, hobbies, entertainment, and family time? Ola Postawa shares from her experience – a former representative of Poland in deaf competitions, now a sports and training enthusiast, a lover of healthy food and cooking, and above all – a wonderful mother.

We invite you to the sixth episode of the “Deaf with Passion” series, recorded and sent by Ola Postawa. The entire episode is, of course, in Polish Sign Language (PJM) with subtitles in Polish and English. Do you want to show us your passion? Watch Maćek’s video, where he explains how to do it.

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