Passionate Deaf #3 — Damian Brzeszcz

Another video from the "Passionate Deaf" series — Damian will share with us how he started his journey with photography, how he communicates with hearing clients, and will show us his photographs. Join us.

Do you like taking photos? How to transition from amateur photography to a professional level? Can a deaf or hard of hearing person become a photographer, considering that the majority of clients are hearing individuals?

We warmly invite you to the third video from the “Passionate Deaf” series. In this installment, we’ll get to know Damian Brzeszcz, a deaf photographer, who has overcome the aforementioned challenges. The video, recorded by Damian himself, will also showcase his own photographs.

The entire content is in Polish Sign Language, with subtitles in Polish and English. Did you enjoy this video? Leave a comment. Want to showcase your passion? Record and send it to us.

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