Passionate Deaf #2 Magdalena Dabrowska

The protagonist of today's episode of "Passionate Deaf" is Magdalena Dąbrowska. A mother, wife, active professional, and also a woman with a kind heart.

What to do during the pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home orders? Ahead of us is Episode 2 of “Passionate Deaf”. In this episode, we will get to know Magdalena Dąbrowska, who works as an assistant for a deaf person at a school. Magdalena decided not only to occupy herself while at home but also to help others. How? By sewing masks. And she was aided in this by the Facebook group #Fajne Babeczki Szyją Maseczki Krosno i okolice (#Cool Ladies Sewing Masks in Krosno and Surroundings). Want to know more? Watch this film!

Entirely in Polish Sign Language (PJM), with subtitles in Polish and English languages. Don’t see the subtitles? You need to enable them on your device. Want to make a film about your passion? Watch Mack’s explanation on how to do it (click here).

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