Pandemic in New York

What is life like in New York during the coronavirus pandemic? Do the residents follow the recommendations of the local authorities? The woman from New York, Józefa Czerwińska-Muszyński, tells in sign language. The interview is conducted by Maciej Joniuk.

The whole world is fighting the pandemic, and as we know very well, in many countries, the situation is much worse than in Poland. So, what’s happening in the USA? Join us for a conversation with Mrs. Józefa Czerwinska-Muszyński, who has been living in New York for many years. Mrs. Józefa will talk about:

  • How did the beginning of the pandemic look like in the USA?
  • What is the situation in New York?
  • What about schools and airports?
  • Are there any penalties for not following the government guidelines?

The entire conversation will be in Polish Sign Language (PJM), with subtitles in both Polish and English – if you don’t see the subtitles in the video, please turn them on. The conversation will be hosted by Maciej Joniuk.

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