Olympic champion Ilaria Galbusera. The situation in Italy.

Interview with Olympic champion Ilaria Galusera.

We are honored to invite you to watch a special interview with Ilaria Galbusera, a talented volleyball player from Bergamo, Italy. Ilaria is not only an athlete but also an inspiring figure engaged in the deaf community. In this interview, she shares her passion for volleyball, sporting achievements, and unique experiences in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the conversation, Ilaria talks about her exceptional successes, including winning a silver medal at the European Championships and an exciting triumph at the Deaf Olympics. We will also learn how Ilaria and her team navigated difficult times during the pandemic, staying in shape and maintaining connections through virtual meetings.

The interview will be conducted in International Sign (IS) by Tomasz Morawski, with subtitles available in both Polish and English languages

Grafika do wywiadu z międzynarodowym migowym (IS). Po prawej zdjęcie, kobieta, Ilaria Galbusera, w czasie treningu na boisku do koszykówki. Po lewej, na białym tle, napisy w językach polskim oraz angielskim: „Mistrzyni olimpijska Ilaria Galbusera. Sytuacja we Włoszech”. Graphic for an Interview with International Sign (IS). On the right, a picture of a woman, Ilaria Galbusera, during basketball court training. On the left, against a white background, text in Polish and English: 'Olympic Champion Ilaria Galbusera. The Situation in Italy.'
Ilaria Galbusera
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