Nomenclature of space debris. Astronomy with the deaf world #15

Meteor or meteoroid? Planetoid or asteroid? Or maybe a comet? Planet or dwarf planet? It's easy to get confused, isn't it? All these names are quite similar, yet they mean different things. But what exactly? In Polish Sign Language (PJM), Nikola Śliwa explains.

“Meteor,” “bolide,” “meteorite,” “asteroid,” “cosmic dust,” “planetoid,” “comet,” “planet,” “dwarf planet” – there are many of these cosmic names, right? What do they mean?

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of the “Astronomy with the Deaf World” series, where we explain fundamental concepts related to space in Polish Sign Language (PJM). The episode is hosted by Nikola Śliwa. The film has subtitles in Polish and English.

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