Mercedes C300e Deaf World MOTO #16

Enjoy a test of the Mercedes C300e - in Polish sign language, of course. Jakub Malik narrates.


Mercedes c300e has 2 engines. The gasoline unit with a displacement of 2 l and an output of 204 hp and 320 nm, Is supported by an electric motor with 129 horsepower and as much as 440 NM. How much is the total power? Since the power from an electric motor combined with the combustion engine does not add up, adding all the values together, the final power output is 313 hp and 550 NM. The 313 hp allows me to accelerate from 0 to 100 hp in 6.1 seconds, rally car is fast, AND we are not complaining about lack of power – whenever it needs to be – it is. All this is connected to the 9-speed transmission -. automatic, of course. As for the electric motor — The car has a battery-only driving mode.

Electric motor

The advantage of this car and a big plus is its range on an electric motor – It amounts to 111 km on paper, in practice you have to reckon with a range of about 80-90 km -. which is a phenomenon AND it sounds very good. Why. Just count how many kilometers you cover in one day. Standard – 80, maybe 90 kilometers, That is as much as the our battery range. So it is possible to day drive on an electric motor, and when you get home, charge the car, and the next day repeat this activity, without consuming a milliliter of fuel!

Here is such an interesting fact -. car on an electric motor can reach a maximum of 140 km/h – then from automatically the internal combustion engine comes on. The battery capacity is as much as 25.4 kWh, Which is quite a large value. How long does it take us to recharge?

When it comes to charging to full, from an ordinary outlet, it takes about 15 hours. If, on the other hand, we charge it from a DC outlet — charging takes about 1.3h – 2h. The maximum value the car takes is 11 kW.


Here we have a modern interior, virtually the same that is in the S-Class from Mercedes. Hence, many people say that this C-class model resembles a small S-class. The interior is just very nice – What more to add here. I haven’t come across this one, That someone, having seen this interior, would disagree with this opinion. The quality of the materials is really good and pleasant to the touch – The upholstery is leather.

As for the fit of the parts — it is very good, nothing crackles, nothing creaks. The seats in the front are heated, on top of that they have fully electric position adjustment. Usually, each of us personally adjusted the the position behind the steering wheel according to preference, The recorded C class had functions of adjusting settings seat and steering wheel for a given height. So all you had to do was enter your height, and the car adjusted the seat and steering wheel by itself. Did it actually do it right? Maybe I don’t know, But I definitely preferred my chair setting.

When we compare the seat in the back, Of the previous generation C-Class, produced between 2013 and 2020 there is a big positive change. In the older C class, the space at the back was basically was basically non-existent. In the current generation, finally, we can comfortably sit both in the front and in the back.

The luggage compartment

In the hybrid version is not too big, has 315 l, In the gasoline version It has more liters of capacity. What are the dimensions of the car? I have to admit that car for its dimensions is really agile. Although interestingly The turning diameter is different from the diesel version. In the hybrid, it’s 11.7 meters, In the diesel version it is 11.1 m. This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this!


Car drives really comfortably. The steering wheel is so squishy, Which makes it a firm grip. Its weight is more than 2 t, 2080 kg to be exact, Which is a big value, but one does not feel it at all it is not felt. Usually in hybrid cars, In electric mode, After adding gas, you have to wait a moment for the engine to start, The transmission put into gear, and so that the rpm of the engine is appropriate to the speed…. It works a little differently on this model. In electric mode, After adding gas, the reaction and the whole procedure happens very quickly. For me, this is a big plus, That after the lockdown we don’t have to wait for a long time for the car to respond….

I like the direction very much, by the way, In which it goes that hybrid car has a normal transmission, and not a CVT-type continuously variable transmission, i.e. a continuously variable transmission…. Which is unbearable for me….

Curiosity: Typically, hybrid cars do not have an electric heater, By which even in electric mode – have a combustion in winter at a level of about 1-2 l. It simply has to start the combustion engine to start heating the car. There is an electric heater in the Mercedes, by which in Electric mode does not burn fuel at all. An additional advantage of this solution is also this, That after firing up, just 1 min, maybe even less and we can feel the warm air flying from the jets.


Hybrid cars usually Are more expensive than their counterparts with internal combustion engines, hence doubts may arise, whether this difference price, will pay us back someday in fuel…. It is different in this case, no need to think so much. C 300e costs 225 thousand (48 000 $) and is more expensive than the equivalent – C300 (258 hp) by more than 2,400 zł. Compared to its diesel counterpart – C 300 d (265 hp) Is 10k zł cheaper! The tested unit costs 282 thousand zł(60 000 $).

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