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The second part of the video, in which Jakub Malik personally examines what the work of a driver in passenger transportation is like. In the first part we saw the procedure of registration and car rental. In this one we will see the driver's work in practice. MOTO Deaf World #20. Machine translation. Have you noticed an error? Inform us.

Good morning, hi, this is the second video in a series about working at Bolt. In it, we will focus on impressions of work (click here to go to the article with the first part about working at Bolt). Before I begin, a moment of introduction. Some, or even most of the recordings or videos are missing. I can’t imagine this series without such a video of my work impressions, so we’ll watch together what I have, plus I’ll fill in the missing videos with my commentary.

First day of work at Bolt…

The first video, from August 9, 2022:

Hi, this is the first day of work! In truth, it’s not literally the first day of work – I’ve started it before, it’s just that I wouldn’t call it “normal” work, because there were some complications, which I’ll talk about later, in the summary. It’s 7:30 a.m. – I start the first day of work. What it will be like – we’ll find out in the video I’ll record when I’m done working.

and car problems

Well, just picking up the car, was tantamount to the start of complications. I picked up the car on Friday, fueled both tanks to full after receiving it, and drove home, with the intention of eating something and starting work. As we know, Fridays are abundant with customers….

So, after eating it was around 10, 11 pm, after coming and starting the car, I drove literally 50 maybe 100 meters, after which a message was displayed about the inability to continue driving. And what next… After all, I’m not going to call the owner of the car at this hour – it doesn’t work out, right. So I returned the car to the parking lot and left it overnight.


The next day, Saturday morning, I called the owner of the car, asking what I should do. The owner said that it was a known problem, and explained how to solve it easily. When I did what he said, the car actually returned to normal, and the notification went off. The owner also mentioned in the conversation that if the situation persisted, to let him know about it, and he would take care of the damaged part.

The actual first day of work at Bolt

Well, so it was Saturday. I started coursing at 11 pm and finished at 4 am. It was that “first” day of work. It was really fun, I received customers with excitement. However, also happened to me, well, such a strange situation.

When the customer does not come…

A gentleman ordered a cab, I drove to him for quite a long time, I had about 8 or 9 km to him, when I arrived…. Well the gentleman was not there, in addition, it was an area where I had single-family houses on the right and a forest on the left. Well, but good, I wait 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and the gentleman is not there, well ok….

I marked in the application that the passenger did not appear. After this situation, as I drove away from there, I reflected that in total I drove 9 km to this customer, and for free! So I started playing around with the app to somehow remedy this, do something about it, so that I wouldn’t waste time or kilometers for nothing. And here the clou of the story, the app displayed a message – that Bolt company is very sorry for the situation and that I will not get any more orders from this gentleman.

Strange, right? What if a similar situation happened to someone, but after bringing the passenger to his destination! Bolt company supports the drivers with a nice message, that’s it…. Nothing else is done about it. This is quite strange, don’t you think?

Another day of work, another breakdown

Okay, so it was Saturday – the first day of work. Overall it was really okay, except for this one situation. Day two of work fell on Sunday. I drove in the hours – twenty, one at night. It was just fine, nothing interesting or curious happened.

The next, third day, Monday. Do you know this message from the first day of using the car? Well, on Monday it appeared again – so I repeated the whole deletion of the error from scratch. Later around noon the situation repeated itself…. I removed the error once again. Towards evening, the situation occurred once again.

I told the owner of the car about it, he asked to return the car, which was then to go to the service center, and there to be repaired, specifically the battery was to be replaced in it. On Monday I made that phone call, and on Tuesday I worked a short time – from 7 to 9, because after that I was returning the car to the owner. From Tuesday to Thursday, the car was in service. It wasn’t until Friday, sometime around 10 or 11 o’clock that I picked up the car. This is how my first week passed, in which I basically did not work on anything.

Another day of work

Another day, Saturday. A record day, in terms of work…. I started at 8pm and didn’t finish until 6am. 10 hours! It was the longest working day in these 3 weeks of work. An interesting story also happened, because a gentleman, when he saw that I was Polish, was so happy that he gave me as much as 100 zlotys tip, relatively a lot, it was nice to get such a tip.

Sunday. On Sunday, I basically did not drive anything, resting after the previous day. Monday was similar, I was not at work as a driver, I had something else to do. The next day – Tuesday, which is the day you saw this video of the “first day of work”. This is how my working days preceding this recording Tuesday looked like. Well! We count the work days from Tuesday, let’s keep watching!

Wednesday, I started around 7:15/20 and finished around 1 pm – 6 hours of work. Thursday, another day. I started at 7.30 and drove until 11, and finally Friday. As for this Friday…. see for yourself! Video from August 12, 2022:

Hello, hello, the 4th day, what do you mean the 4th day, after all, the previous recording was on the first day! Well, yes, on the first day you got a clip…. It’s just that for the following days nothing really happened, so there was nothing to record about. Besides, in the previous days I didn’t make the “whole” working day. So it is the 4th day of work, Friday, today I plan to work until the morning, how will it come out? I don’t know, I’ll try to record a video after work – although I’ll probably be really tired – I’ll try to tell you how it went for me and how it feels. Oh, and I’m sure I won’t look very good, so you’ll have a comparison, what Cuba looks like from the beginning of work, to Cuba after work.

Well, so the comparison is not there…. Because after work I didn’t manage to get down to the camera. This Friday I finished a little earlier than planned, this was probably due to the fact that I had a lot of things to do before Bolt, which robbed me of my strength a little. So I finished pretty quickly, around 1 or 2 in the morning.

Customers over the long weekend

Aha, I still remembered one more thing. This Friday was the Friday of the long weekend. A lot of people were away. Going back to the reasons for the end at 2 a.m. – the key was exhaustion, but the second relatively few customers, which is strange, because on the earlier Friday there were really a lot of customers, I literally drove from customer to customer, and on this Friday – August 12 – something these customers were few, it affected the end of work at this 2.

The next day – Saturday. It was a good day, I started similarly, around 8 or 9 pm, and finished at between 3 and 4 in the morning. And Sunday was a day of rest, after Saturday. The next week really did not drip in impressions or interesting situations.

Working on Bolt does not generate some interesting phenomena or events, so there was nothing to record about, and those recordings in which I tell something there – I lost.

Driver’s dress code in passenger transportation

A! An interesting action I came up with after a few days at work. I came up with the idea that I will dress nicely for work, so elegant, with a tie. And I will check people’s reactions to it, if they somehow comment on it, ask, etc., see for yourself! Video from August 17:

So, I already had 3 customers, two of them were female and one was male. All three didn’t pay any attention. Zero reaction, well nothing…. we move on.

To make it funnier, I dressed nicely, because in a way I was hoping for a reaction, that someone would appreciate it in some way.

Funny situation, because coming to the other lady, she asked me to pack some packages in the trunk. Well, so, wearing a tie and shirt, I started packing the packages into the car. Well, such a customer. I was out of luck.

After a few more orders, I ended up with a couple who were most likely from England. After I got there, as they were leaving, they complimented the fact that I was respectful to the customers and elegantly dressed, and I got a small tip because of it. Cool, always someone, at least one customer. For that day I made about 20 runs, and only after one run did anyone notice.

What do I get out of it? Working for Bolt or Uber doesn’t require elegant dress. People don’t pay attention to that, the only thing that matters is getting there.

Last Friday

Okay, let’s take a look at last Friday’s video. The video is from August 19, 2022:

Good morning, in fact I should have said good evening. Today is the last Friday, I won’t have any more Fridays. The hour is 8:15 pm, I’m starting work. I would like, I really would like to record something after work, but it is really hard…. a week ago I had similar plans, but after finishing work, my legs lead home by themselves, out of fatigue, it’s really hard to record anything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out today! After work, possibly the next day, I will tell you what and how.

Neither after work, nor the next day, on Saturday, did I record anything. That is, in the sense, the recordings are gone! I also finished quite early on that Friday, around 1:30 at night, because….

That day looked like I was at work from the morning, and then I had to drive more than 100 km one way, and when I got back, at that 20 I started riding Bolt. This is not an easy thing to do. Because of this, I finished between 1 and 2 in the morning. I’m not in the habit of riding when I can’t keep my attention on the road. The next day, Saturday, which was August 20. I started working, as I always do, around 9 pm, and finished around 2, maybe 3 am. Then I also did not feel well, I did not want to drive…. Then Sunday, as usual, rest. Monday morning I had to return the car.

Summary of three weeks of work at Bolt

Thus passed 3 weeks of work on the Bolt. In truth, they were not 3 weeks of strictly work, you already know why – issues with the return of the car and its repair. Such a net work I had around 2 and a half weeks.

Do I have any thoughts to these 3 weeks of work? Yes. There were really, really different people sitting in the back seat. Some were drunk, some weren’t, there was a really bad smell from some, some were in reasonably good condition. Overall it was a really fun adventure, I enjoyed it. The first week was fun, the second week was similar, but in the third week I felt a slight boredom, monotony. I no longer had the initial excitement of the job.

Support from Bolt?

One more thing, regarding that first day of work, with the gentleman who wasn’t there. The Bolt Corporation, of which I was an employee, basically showed no interest in my person in any way. As if in the sense of you know, you did a job, someone cheated you, and the big company tells you – well sorry, you won’t carry him again. Even they could, at least write what I could do in this situation, anything, so that I, as a driver, would not be the only loser in this situation. In this company you are just a number….

I myself am used to the employer showing at least some interest – in general there is someone like a boss, or employer, someone responsible for the “workplace”. In Bolt there is no such thing, there is no such thing as a boss, your boss is the application, or program, well this is new to me, something different.

Okay, I guess that would be all regarding my feelings about work. The second part of the adventures with Bolt can be considered completed. The third part will be on a topic that I’m sure you’ll be interested in, namely the summary, financial and time summary. I invite you to watch this 3rd part.

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