Jobs – driver in Bolt, part 1 of 3 – registration. Deaf World MOTO #17

Is work in passenger transportation good for the deaf? Jakub Malik decided to find out for himself, hiring himself as a driver at one of the companies.

Many deaf people, certainly and you, have wondered -. what the job is like at Uber, how to start it – -. we come out to address these issues. In what way? Registration, joining the company, As well as recordings of the work itself, and – at the end – a summary. All this so that after watching this series you will have fewer unknowns, and fewer concerns, and certainly your understanding of this topic will change.

Bolt registration

We will register in the first video. In truth, it won’t be Uber, but Bolt, because for Uber I do not meet the requirements. Well, let’s move on to the activities…. I will add perhaps, That I have never done this before, so this is kind of our first contact with this, I will be getting to know it together with you. [The following content describes the registration process as seen on the computer screen. See the video to see what Jacob sees].

To begin with… Yes, I want to be a driver. Registration – To begin with, we enter our e-mail, then your phone number and city, in which we are traveling. We click the big green button. Name, surname and language. Next – the estimated number of hours worked per week. Under that, mark, the answer to the question -. do you have a car? It also says that driving your car raises your income by 20%, So if you own a private car and want to use it for work — check this button. I just don’t want to, so I don’t check this option.

Bolt partner

Now the slight complications begin – you have to choose a partner, He will rent you a car and will help you arrange a cab license. From the list, choose your city. Now it’s left for me to make some calls, I’ll let you know what came out of it…. I also noticed that in the table with the names of the companies we can find their terms and conditions –. Such as whether the company helps in arranging a cab license? Will it rent a car? Will he help arrange the necessary research And the residence card, and the last – Is it able to offer a discount – such as for fuel?

I’m going back to the phones! Aha. And here it is worth saying that you yourself check yourself the website of partner’s website – You will find out from it what kind of cars they have at their disposal and what conditions they have.

Problems finding a partner Bolt

So here we had 7 different companies. Some don’t have a car, etc. and out of those 7 companies, we realistically have two left. Both of these companies told me, That they are unable to give an answer today, That I won’t know anything more until tomorrow. So what… We’ll see you tomorrow!

Good morning on another day! I mentioned something earlier about another day — I was a little off. It’s been 3 days since the last recording I think. All the companies from the first day Or haven’t heard from them, or did not express a desire to cooperate, well, so I decided to to look on the Internet. The numbers from the internet definitely took a different approach, The conversation with them was a little bit on a different level. So, what did I learn?

Working as an Uber or Bolt driver – requirements

Wanting to work as an Uber or Bolt driver, you need to get 3 things for yourself:

  1. examination in occupational medicine. The cost of such a service is 100, 150 zloty. And this you have to do yourself, enroll yourself, well, and cover the cost.
  2. psychotechnics, which costs between 200 and 250 zloty. For this, too, you have to sign up yourself and pay for it yourself. However, usually the places, Where we do occupational medicine, have contacts in other places, Where you can immediately sign up for a psychotechnical examination.
  3. certificate of no criminal record. The cost of this oscillates around 100 PLN.

To sum up, we need to arrange 3 documents, The total cost is between 400 and 500 PLN. After taking care of these 3 papers you can go to your partner, sign a power of attorney agreement with him, and he will drag the case further, and get us a cab license And various markings for the car.

In summary, you need to get 3 things for yourself: first occupational medicine for the cab, second – psychotechnics, and the third – criminal record certificate. Getting these 3 things took me about 5 days, With these three things we go to the partner, Who takes about 2, 3 days to make the remaining things takes around 2 or 3 days. After this time we receive a cab license. And what’s next? Let’s get to work! What does she look like, what does it come with? Watch the next video!

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