Is sign language impoverished? We teach sign language #43

Is sign language impoverished? Can every thought be expressed in it? How does a new sign in sign language come into being?

Can everything be expressed in sign language? After all, there are far fewer signs in the PJM (Polish Sign Language) dictionary compared to words in the Polish language dictionary. So, is sign language less rich than phonetic language? And how do new signs in sign language come into existence?

Join us for Episode 43 of “We’re Learning to Sign!” hosted by Joanna Huczyńska. In addition to the topics mentioned above, you’ll also learn how to express the following phrases and even whole sentences in PJM:

  • “cyberbullying”
  • “The little girl looked up”
  • “Headache”
  • “Dizziness”
  • “Brushing teeth”
  • “Goal”
  • “Header goal”
  • “Facebook”
  • “Quarantine”

The “We’re Learning to Sign” series is created in collaboration with Centrum Rozwoju Głuchych (the Center for Deaf Development), which provides training and workshops on the Polish Sign Language and PJM (Polish Sign Language).

Link to the list of all signs (in Polish) shown in our videos (click).

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