Interview with Oskar Gołębiowski about the successes at the Deaf World Championships in Lublin

Interview with Oskar Gołębiowski about the successes at the Deaf World Championships in Lublin

August 23-28 in Lublin took place 4th Deaf World Championships in Athletics. It took part there 550 players and officials from 41 countries. Our deaf athletes have won 5 medals in total – 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze, of which 3 medals have just been won by you. Please introduce yourself tell me what club you train at.

Hi. I’m Oskar Gołębiowski. My sign is “dove”. I belong to the AZS UMS Lublin hearing club, I also train at the Deaf club Spartan Lublin.

Congratulations on winning 3 medals Really wow. Tell me about the successes – twenty in which competition did you win medals?

I won the gold medal on the third day of the competition in a 400 meter hurdle. And on the 6th day of the competition, I won a silver medal in the men’s 4×100 m relay, then in the 4×400 m relay I won a bronze medal.

What does the athlete feel who is on the top step of the podium?

In fact, standing in front of the podium, thirty before handing out medals, I was under stress. Then it didn’t get to me that I really made it that I won first place. When I stood on the podium Wojciech Stempurski approached me – the president of PZSN (Polish Deaf Sports Association), gave me a medal and says, that he is proud of me. I was in shock, that it actually happened. Overall I am proud that I represent Poland and that I was achieving medals at the World Cup. Thanks to the support of my friends, family, thanks to hard work I was successful.

You have won so many medals. Where does your great form come from? How long have you been preparing?

I started training athletics at the age of 11, that is, 10 years have already passed but just like before every season, I started the preparatory period in November in 2020, in the camp in Ulanów near Stalowa Wola. I trained there near the forest. Then the indoor season, which I finished in March. I had my next preparation in Zakopane, then in Spała. And being in top shape I went to the World Championships in Lublin.

What is your sports goal?

I don’t want to speak out loud but I still hope that at the Olympics of the Deaf in May 2022 will win a medal. Since at the recent World Cup I managed to get hold of in Lublin 1st place in the hurdles race, I was able to win a medal in relay races all over the world, meaning, there is a good forecast for the Olympics. I hope, that we will be successful. I hope that we colleagues we want to repeat the successes.

Do you have any advice for young athletes like you, who dream of medals.

When I started my adventure with athletics 10 years ago, it was just fun for me and a lot of fun to let go of emotions. I used my energy for sports. When i got older – I’m 21 years old, I take this sport seriously now, but i can never forget it when and where did I start playing sports, who gave me so much joy fun and pleasure. That’s why my advice is so as not to forget where you started your sport, from which he derives joy and fun.

During the World Cup competition in Lublin, when the judge was firing a starting pistol, and you started running, felt stress, stage fright? How was it? Tell me.


When I was running on the first day in the 400 meter race as part of the qualifying round, I was not afraid, I felt at ease. On the second day, the final run of 400 meters, I felt a little bit nervous now but I wanted to show my best. Because I was running too hard I felt nervous. Then, on day 3, there was a 400m hurdle race after warming up before take-off I felt stress already. It was my first time, I felt stress but I was motivated because of the stadium. This is my stadium, this is my place. I have practiced the same many times over there. Therefore, there was no other way out, I have to go out right as it was in training. I knew I was well prepared and I have nothing to worry about. Also before the final run in the relay race I felt stress but I was motivated because of the stadium. I knew I was well prepared both hurdles, as well as for the flat run. I am well prepared for this. That’s why stress can be a positive sign for me.

That’s all the questions I asked. I want to thank you, that you agreed and took the time for me for an interview. Bye. Thank you.

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