Incorporated numerals, part 2. We teach sign language #28

The second part about incorporated numerals. We will learn from it how to show school grades, floors, hours, etc. in sign language. Joanna Huczynska explains. Turn on the video above to get the full benefit of the lesson. Automatic translation below - have you noticed an error? Inform us.

We invite you to watch the 28th episode of “We teach sign!”. This is the second part, in which Joanna Huczynska explains what incorporated numerals are.

Floors in sign language

In this part we see how to correctly sign the floors – from the first to the ninth, and higher. It also explains how to show “first floor” in Polish Sign Language, and “basement” – and what does an elevator have to do with it? See the video from the 20th second.

School grades in Polish sign language

How to show in sign language that a student got a failing grade (one) or a very good grade (five)? How to sign school grades? It turns out that there are various sign signs for this! See the video from 1 minute, 10 seconds.

Hours in sign language

What signs do deaf people use to show the time? And is the hour 14 in Polish sign language? See the video from 1 minute, 24 seconds.

Sports scores in sign language

How would you sign that a match ended with a score of 4:5 for us? Or how to show a “draw” in sign language? Check out the video from 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

Ordinal numerals in sign language

There is always someone or something first, second or fifth. But how to show it in Polish Sign? Do I see two sons or the second son? I buy five books or the fifth book? See the video starting at 2:45.

The series We Teach Sign Language! is produced in cooperation with the Center for the Development of the Deaf (Centrum Rozwoju Głuchych), which conducts courses and workshops in Polish Sign Language. A list of all the words explained in the episodes so far, can be found here (click link).

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