How to save water? Explanation in sign language

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Sweet water – how to save it?

On Earth, 97.5 percent water, it is sea water – not potable, due to salinity, the remaining 2.5% is “sweet” water – drinkable. It’s easy to count how little she is… Scientists are alarming that it is still decreasing and are asking for more wise use of it. This is what this video will be about – how to reduce and use water more wisely? Please watch the movie!

Turn off the tap!

It sounds simple – doesn’t it? If you brush your teeth or face – turn off the water – it saves up to 6 liters of water! Check that no faucet in your home is leaking – make it so! A dripping faucet may seem like a trivial wear and tear, but it is not! A leaking tap can waste up to 60 liters of water in a week – this is a huge amount! To sum up – when washing your face or teeth, turn off the faucet, secondly, make sure that no faucets in your home leak.

Shorten your shower time.

A minute in a shower is as much as 17 liters of water. If you forget about the whole world when you take a shower, and your time flies with appeasement – small protip – set a timer for a certain amount of time before taking a shower – you will save water, which will reduce bills for it…

Fully load the washing machine

Fully charge! Do you ever turn on the washing more or less often when the washing machine is not loaded to the brim? As a result, you use a lot of electricity and water – a better solution will be to run the laundry when the washing machine is fully loaded – you will save water, you will pay less for electricity – and that will leave more money in your pocket!

Don’t waste your food!

You may be thinking – but what does food have to save water? Well… A huge amount of water is needed to grow grains, fruits, vegetables or meat production. So if you waste food – by buying too much – it is the production water that is used senselessly! If you want to save water, think carefully before entering the store how much food do you really need. Buy as many as you need!

Sustainable gardening

Take care of gardening! Do you have a garden, plot, or maybe grass on the balcony? Try to water the plants in the morning or evening – why? Watering plants after noon, when the sun is shining the most – watered water evaporates immediately – the plants stay dry, so watering is pointless! If that’s not a problem, don’t forget on hot summer days put out bowls of water for thirsty animals or birds.

Collect and store rainwater!

During the year, rainfall can save up to 5,000 liters of water! What can you use it for? For watering plants, trees or flowers – for free, which will save you water and money. In addition, the plants will thank you for the natural rainwater in your crops.

Put your hand washing dishes away!

Do you have a dishwasher? Cool! It definitely uses less water! Washing by hand is more tiring and also uses a lot of water – a much better solution is to wash the dishes in the dishwasher – you will save water consumption, so you will pay less for it, and you will gain more time!

Here are 7 simple ways you can save water. If you want more videos like that – please let me know. See you later!

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