How to Drive Safely in the Rain — World of the Deaf MOTO #3

It's raining, there are puddles on the street, it's dark and the road is not illuminated - do you know that? As a driver, you definitely don't like this situation. So how do you drive safely in the rain? Jakub Malik will speak in sign language in the third film from the Świat Deaf MOTO series. We invite you to watch.

Driving in the rain is easy is enough turned on air conditioning so that the windows don’t fog up – That’s what a lot of drivers think and drive like that. The result is … a lot of unnecessarily broken cars. In the video you will learn about 4 basics – how to drive in the rain – Let’s watch the film.

First – not at the edge of the road

Vast majority of roads are built in such a way that that their middle part is higher than the edges on the sides. This design makes that the water automatically drains from the top of the pavement towards the edge and accumulates there, limited e.g. by curbs. This does not mean that the middle part of the road will be perfectly dry, but there will certainly be the least amount of water there. If the situation allows it, drive the middle – it is safer.

Secondly: remember about the lights during the rain

The old rule says it’s on the road “Must be seen and be seen. ” When visibility deteriorates, turn off the daytime running lights, that is, these lights, that you use during nice weather and they have the symbol, be like this … In abreviation, they are so-called LEDs. During the rain headlights must be turned on – they have the symbol. As soon as it falls apart let’s change the lights to the dipped beam. In turn, at night, during the rain fog lights – should not be overused they blind the oncoming traffic – this is a serious threat! To sum up – remember about the lights!

Thirdly: if you can’t see then don’t go

This tip seems obvious but on the way you can meet surprisingly many people, which it seems they see more than they can. By the way: torrential downpour often accompanied by hail, it would be a good idea to go to the parking lot or take refuge under the roof of a gas station and wait out the downpour. Thanks to this, we will keep safe and we will take care of our car!

Fourthly: do not overdo it with speed

Although the police keep repeating this sentence, the drivers don’t care about it anyway as evidenced by gloomy statistics. “Incompatibility of the speed to the conditions prevailing on the road “is the most common cause of road accidents. When driving in the rain we should forget about the rush, the most important after all is your safety!

Those were the 4 basics driving a car in the rain. If you have your rules too, which you use yourself – share them in a comment – we will be delighted to read them I encourage you too to watch other videos on this channel!

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