How to buy used car? 9 tips what to pay attention. Part 2. Deaf World MOTO #14

Are you planning to buy a used car? Watch this video to see what exactly you need to be aware of. A sign interpreter explains Jakub Malik. Automatic subtitle translation. If you see an error, please let us know.

Check the bodywork

Examine the body carefully for signs of repair. This will tell you if the car has not been beaten or painted. As? Check every element of the body, pay attention to every scratch, dent, protrusion or corrosive places. Pay attention to the lines of the car. When you notice any of the above – it may mean that the car was sloppily repaired or has manufacturing defects…

Each body element must be of the same color and shade. If, on the other hand, you are not sure what an element – and you don’t know if it was filled with filler or putty – use a magnet. If he sticks – it’s not a putty. The magnet will not stick to the putty…

Look at the fender for paint bubbles or rust, in addition, pay attention to: wheel arches, sills and door bottoms. You will also need a flashlight during the inspection. For what? To be able to carefully check the wheel arches.

Interior – what to pay attention to

Smell if you smell musty and damp when you enter the car – there may be a water leak. Remove the rugs and check for traces of moisture.

Pedals – if the car is relatively new or has a low mileage – the pedals should appear to be unexploited. If, on the other hand, this is not the case – it is not difficult to guess that the actual mileage of the car may be greater.

Controls and Devices – after switching the ignition on, all the indicators should come on, then, after firing – disappear. As for the equipment – play with it – try each control. On a fired engine – turn the heating on at full capacity, see how quickly and how hot it gets, then turn on the air conditioning and set the temperature as cold as possible. Check at what rate the car starts blowing cold air.

Play around and test each chair position and make sure everything is working properly. Seats should not be damaged and worn out if the car is relatively fresh and has low mileage.


Check the glass for chipping and cracks. As? Look carefully at each pane. A little chipping is not a big deal, you can use this as an argument to negotiate the price of the car. The crack is already a bigger problem, why? Cracks will enlarge, which will lead to costly glass replacement.


Check the condition of the sleeve – how? You will feel it! If, while driving, you feel that the car is being driven quite restlessly and nervously – it means that the sleeve is not in good condition. Bushings like any other rubber – hardens over time and loses its properties… What if we ignore this problem? Vehicle on a sand or gravel road – will make a clicking noise.

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