Helmet for deaf athletes

Special helmet for deaf athletes. What's the story? Why was it created? Explains Nikola Śliwa in Polish Sign Language.

Helmet for the deaf – what is it? I’ll tell you about it today.

Helmet for the deaf – what is it?

Gallaudet University, a private college in Washington for deaf or hard-of-hearing students, has partnered with AT&T to produce special football helmets. Of course, I mean American football. You surely know what it looks like. Players wear massive helmets as well as protective gear, especially for shoulders and arms.

So, what is this special helmet for the deaf? The helmet has a small screen and is connected to a 5G network. The coach on the sideline can select a play from the game on their tablet and send it to a specific player. The player will see this play on the small screen in the helmet. We can imagine that they can also send information in sign language. Thanks to this, deaf athletes will have contact with the coach during the game.

Gallaudet’s head coach, Chuck Goldstein, stated that this helmet will change the game for deaf players. In gratitude for their collaboration on the helmet, AT&T has committed to donating $500,000 to Galludet’s football program. The company also believes that such a helmet with a screen will find applications in other sports but also, for example, on construction sites or in providing first aid. It must be admitted that technology, which we only saw in science fiction movies, is starting to become a reality. Do you like this helmet? Let us know in the comments.

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