From marketing 1.0 to marketing 4.0. Explanation in sign language

What is Marketing? How has the definition of marketing changed over the years? Natalia Gałecka explains in sign language. The following subtitle translation is automatic. Have you noticed an error? Inform us.

The definition of marketing

Hi. Do you know what marketing is? The definition has changed over time. At first it was thought that a good product would sell by itself, so marketing was not very much needed. I would like to briefly tell you about the way marketing has gone over the last 100 years. Economists distinguish between several periods which they called marketing 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0.

Marketing 1.0 

Marketing 1.0 – this period is inseparably connected with professor Philip Kotler, whom he calls “the father of modern marketing”. Marketing 1.0 assumes that it is enough to show that a given product is useful and the recipient will buy it anyway. Cars are an example. In the past, there was not much choice, you could not base your advertising on the unique features of the product. The most important thing was that the car would go from point A to point B and that was enough.

Marketing 2.0 

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a big change. The availability of various variants of one product began to prevail. Moreover, customers could easily gather information about similar products and compare them. The client became aware of his needs and began to be more and more demanding. That’s why marketing 2.0 focused on diversity, something that would make its product stand out from the competition.

Marketing 3.0 

Marketing 3.0 began at the beginning of the 21st century. He focused on noticing in a group of consumers one simple man who has a mind, heart and feelings. Thanks to this, in the advertising message we indicate not only the usefulness or originality of the product, but also its “spiritual” character, how compatible it is with man.

I will show you an example. Imagine a man walking into a store, buying dog food, and going out. Until now, it was thought to be simple – man needs a given thing, therefore he buys it.

Marketing 3.0 sees the same situation definitely differently! He sees a man who came to the store to meet his need, i.e. the need to have a healthy and happy dog. That is why it should be emphasized in the ad. Can you see the difference?

Marketing 4.0 

In 2017, the concept of marketing 4.0 was created. It is related to artificial intelligence and other information and communication technologies. Thanks to this, the method of communication with the client was improved. An example is that everyone has a smartphone with them and applications on it. As a result, manufacturers can easily place advertisements for their products, and the customer feels connected with the brand. Thanks to constant contact with the brand, when buying a product, they feel that they are pursuing a goal that is important to them and increases the level of its satisfaction, e.g. by supporting a company that cares about producing products with care for the environment.

In fact, the most important change from marketing 1.0 to marketing 4.0 was redirecting the attention of sellers from the product they were selling, on consumers, that is people with their needs and feelings.

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