Free courses for deaf Ukrainians in Poland!

Free courses for deaf Ukrainians in Poland!

“We help deaf refugees from Ukraine”

The Deaf’s World Foundation invites you to participate in the project “We help deaf refugees from Ukraine.” Who can apply? Deaf and hard hearing Ukrainians and their hearing relatives, who are living in Poland.

What is the project about? What can you take part in?

The project aims is to provide support to the deaf and hard hearing refugees from Ukraine who decided to stay in Poland because of the war in Ukraine. As a participant, you can take part in:

  1. Polish and Polish Sign Language classes;
  2. Consultation with a psychologist;
  3. Course: web designer – programme.

Do I’ve to pay for participation in classes?

NO! All activities and courses are free! You only need to sign up for classes, twenty you don’t have to pay for anything. The entire project is funded by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

Individual consultations with a psychologist

We invite you to free meetings with a psychologist. During the meeting, you can talk about your difficulties and discuss matters important to you. Meetings are conducted by Ukrainian psychologists:

  • Ellena Masyk – Ukrainian (spoken) thirty and meetings with interpreter into Ukrainian Sign Language.
  • Svitlana Mohonko – Russian (spoken) and meetings with interpretator into Ukrainian Sign Language.

Professional secrecy applies to psychologists and sign language interpreters.

Meetings are held on-line. Participation in meetings is anonymous. Providing your first and last name is obligatory only when registering, your data is confidential. The date of the meeting will be arranged with you by a psychologist – choose the date that suits you. SIGN UP.

Learning Polish and Polish sign language

We invite you to classes on the basics of the Polish language and Polish Sign Language. The aim of the lesson is to learn writing short information in Polish. The topics of the classes are:

  • introducing yourself – information about yourself and your family;
  • returns needed at the office and at the doctor’s, work-related and rental-related phrases.

Classes are webinars, that is, the person conducting on-line transmissions tells presents information, provides exercises. The participant watches the classes, uses the materials provided and performs the exercises himself. In addition to the recordings of the webinars, exercises will be prepared for learning and tasks to be done online.

The training is conducted by the teacher of Polish as a foreign language, Aleksandra Żuk, who is also fluent in Polish sign language and Russian. Classes will start after gathering the group and making an appointment. We will inform you about it by e-mail. SIGN UP

Vocational course – web designer – programmer

If you want to get a new, very good programming profession we invite you to the course: “Creating websites with MySQL database by PHP”. You will teach create pages and application forms with the database needed e.g. when designing websites online stores or other companies. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge – you will learn everything from scratch. All you need is a regular laptop or computer and Internet access. If you do not have internet access, there is a library in every commune in Poland, where you can use computers and the Internet for free.

The course lasts 16 hours. There will be three groups to choose from at different times and days. The training takes place on-line. The training will be conducted by a deaf IT specialist and programmer, Michał Konwerski. Classes will start after gathering the group and making an appointment. We will inform you about it by e-mail. SIGN UP.

The project is financed by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

 We remind you that participation in all classes is free of charge. The project is financed by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland in the amount of PLN 498,000. Questions can be sent to: You can write in Ukrainian or Russian or send a vlog in sign language. By signing up for classes, you consent to the processing of your personal data and you accept the terms of participation in the project.

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