First Aid with Hubert Głagowski #2 Practice

Welcome to the second part of learning first aid. Hubert Głagowski, a medical rescuer, will show us in practice how to save someone's life.

The second part of the first aid training in Polish Sign Language (PJM), led by medical rescuer Hubert Głagowski. In this video, we will see the practical application of administering first aid. The topics covered in the video include:

  • Approaching the injured person safely
  • Clearing the upper airways
  • Assessing if the injured person is breathing
  • Basic resuscitation techniques for adults
  • How to perform artificial respiration
  • Basic resuscitation techniques for children
  • Choking in children
  • Placing the injured person in the recovery position
  • How to handle choking situations

The entire video is presented in Polish Sign Language (PJM) with subtitles in both Polish and English. If you would like to view Hubert’s professional profile on Facebook, click here.

Medical rescuer Hubert Głagowski, who is hearing-impaired, stands in the middle of a room that resembles an emergency department. There is a bed for patients with a large overhead lamp and a lot of medical equipment. The walls and floor of the room are yellow, giving the entire picture a yellow hue.
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