Earnings in Bolt! Jobs – Driver at Bolt. Part 3 of 3. Deaf World MOTO #21

What is the job of a driver in passenger transportation? And how much can you earn? Personally checked by Jakub Malik. Deaf World MOTO #21 [Automatic translation. If you noticed an error - please let us know].

Hi, you have certainly been waiting for this episode! This is the 3rd video in the series and will probably have the most popularity. because it is about money. How much did I earn from my work in Bolt? How much did I spend? Does this job pay off financially? You will find out in this video!

Bolt job cost and earnings summary

You are shown an Exel with various data, including earnings, expenses, distance traveled, hours worked, etc. (all tables available in the video above). We will now discuss them together. The tables are divided into each of the 3 weeks of work, and at the end there is a summary of the entire 3 weeks.

First week as a driver – 29.07 to 07.08

Kilometers driven – 1248, refueling took place four times, for a total of PLN 281. As for refueling still, there was no problem with it, because the car was a hybrid in gas, which contributed to the ridiculous combustion. The cost of driving 100 km was PLN 22 – I said it was a ridiculous value…. The rental of the car for a week was 650 zloty, and the earnings? 1848 zlotys – net. From this value you need to deduct the cost of fuel and car rental.

So why do I call this amount, the net amount? Because the corporation takes a commission of 25%, on our salary, that is, 75% of the salary goes to us, into our pockets. Well, I worked a total of 37 hours, which is almost the hourly value earned for a week working full time. In the summary, the days of work are calculated at the end. I took these 7-8 hours as a work day. So you can compare these 37 hours to four, eight-hour work days and 5 hours worked, on the fifth day. The number of rides was 85, and what’s the deal with the 113? The 113 is the number of displayed, suggested rides by the apps. This is how we summarized the first week.

The second week of work in passenger transportation – from August 8 to 14

A total of kilometers made – 1431, refueling – four, for a total of 322 zlotys, the weekly rental of the car – 650 zlotys, net earnings is, that is, what I received in my account, 1608 zlotys. The time spent in the car, at work is 33 hours, counting full-time – an hour and 4 full days of work. The number of rides is 73, and 113 number of pop-up rides.

The third week of work in Bolt – from August 15 to 21

The final third week of work. It lasted from August 15 to 21, of course 2022. The kilometers driven were 977, two refueling for a total of 220 zloty, car rental – 650 zloty, hours spent at work – 19 and a half, counting full-time – three and a half hours and 2 full, eight-hour work days. Made trips – 46, and possible to make 66.

Summary of three weeks

And now we come to perhaps the most interesting part of this summary. You can already see the result of this one! The total kilometers traveled were 3656, for only 3 weeks. A lot! Normally, a driver makes around 1,500, maybe two thousand kilometers per month by car. I managed to drive 3656 kilometers, or almost 3,700 kilometers, in only 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, I spent PLN 823 on fuel, 3 weeks of car rental cost PLN 1950, so a lot. The gross amount I drove was 5992 zloty, 6 thousand zloty, for 3 weeks…. Is it good or is it bad?

Net total was 4365 zlotys, when I say net, I mean the amount after deducting 25% of Bolt’s commission, but this is not the amount that goes into my pocket. Since you still have to deduct fees from this amount, what do I mean? Fuel, car rental, and on top of that £40 a week for Bolt’s partner. So what amount of money went into my pocket? At this point we’ll count it.

From 4365 zloty we subtract the cost of the rental, which was 1950 zloty, we are left with 2415, from this amount we subtract the cost of fuel, which is 820 zloty. We are left with 1595 PLN, however, this is not the final amount I earned. From it you have to subtract the dues of Bolt’s partner, whose de facto I was an employee. The cost is PLN 40 per week, or PLN 120 for a period of 3 weeks. Into my pocket went PLN 1475, for 3 weeks of work. It looks like I didn’t earn much on this, it comes out to an amount of about 500 zloty per week of work, but it is worth taking into account the number of hours, which is not very much. So we will write down the amount.

The number of hours worked is 90, more than half-time, which is 80 h. Converting these hours “full-time”, I worked 11 days, so counting the work week as Monday-Friday, we can say that I worked 2 weeks, and one day. So let’s not treat it as a whole month of work. I made 204 trips. The gross hourly rate you can assume is, is quite good, 67 PLN. However, from it you have to deduct 25% commission for the corporation, so 45.5 zlotys goes into our pockets. For this we have to pay the cost of fuel and other living expenses.

Earnings per kilometer, per hour, per day

How much do we earn for driving one kilometer? PLN 1.63 – this is the gross amount, net we get …. I still have to count it. As I mentioned, a total of PLN 1475 went to me, and I will divide this amount by the kilometers driven. PLN 0.40, 40 cents, for driving one kilometer – including, of course, commuting to customers who were once closer, once further away. It is also worth mentioning that in these 3656 kilometers there are maybe some 200 kilometers driven privately, after work. I am not able to give an exact number of privately driven kilometers, so they are included in the calculation. In summary, as a driver I earn 40 cents, for each kilometer driven.

So how much is the salary for a “full-time” working day? Gross – 521 PLN, net – 380 PLN. However, the net amount, to my pocket, is? I divide the amount of PLN 1475 by 11 working days. This brings us to PLN 134 for 8 hours of work. Now that we know the value of a day’s work, let’s calculate the net hourly wage. 134 PLN divide 8 hours = 16.75 PLN per hour Hm…. Is it a lot, or is it a little? Not for me to judge, judge for yourselves.

One more key thing, from this sum I have not subtracted tax, which I do not pay because I am less than 26 years old. So if you are older than 26, tax will have to be subtracted from this sum, that is, the hourly wage will not be PLN 16.75, but even less. Roughly 12-13 zloty per hour of work.


It is also worth keeping 2 things in mind:

Bolt, among all those cab companies, i.e. Uber, Freenow, etc., pays its drivers the least. Companies like Uber, and the others, pay more.
is car rental, which generates 2,700 zloty in costs per month. If I were going to work for longer than that period, I would probably lean towards buying a car. Because I would save that 2700 zloty. Almost 3,000 zloty per month, this is a considerable amount.

It is worth remembering these two things that reduced my earnings. Suppose I would have worked in other corporations, i.e. Uber, or Freenow, or on a couple of applications at the same time, the money would have been higher. As for renting a car, if I were to add PLN 3,000 to my earnings…. I earned 1500 zlotys on a pure basis, but the cost of the rental was 2000 zlotys, if so to have my own car, then for 3 weeks of work, 3500 zlotys would go into my pocket, and for a month probably more than 4 thousand, or maybe even 5 thousand, I do not know…. It certainly looks better than 1500 zloty, doesn’t it?


On top of that, the location is Warsaw. This is where I performed the orders. In other cities the earnings and the number of trips will be different. Something seems to me that the number of rides in Warsaw is the highest, because here you will find the most users of these apps. In other cities this number will be smaller, which will translate into reduced earnings. Similarly, the situation is similar in smaller cities or villages, where there is no activity of these corporations, such people would have to hire themselves to local cab companies, which have different standards.


As for finances, I think the topic is exhausted. If I missed something, something I didn’t mention, something that is important information – go ahead and write about it in the comments, we will give you the answer either by recording a video or writing a reply in the comments. Three videos have already been released from this series. One more crowning video will be released, it will be an interview video with a person who has been working on cabs for a while now, well over 3 weeks. I’ll talk to him about the job, and the video of that will be released as the last in the series. Curious? I encourage you to look forward to it and watch it.

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