Children have a voice! Monika and Rafał Garman. International Sign (IS)

Enjoy another interview in Polish Sign Language conducted by Maks Garman.

Maks Garman is already well known to us – we have seen a few of his interviews conducted with various people. Now it’s time for a conversation with his parents – Monika and Rafał. What questions can you ask your own parents? And what would you ask? We invite you to watch the interview above.

The interview is in Polish Sign Language, with translation into International Sign (IS) and subtitles in English and Polish.

The “Children Have a Voice!” interview was produced as part
of the “Intergenerational Center for the Deaf” project.
The task is financed by the Minister of Education and Science.

Logo of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland. On the left is the emblem, on the right is the name of the ministry with white and red underlining
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