Cosmos, the universe, astronomy, astrology – What do these terms mean?

"Astronomy with the World of the Deaf", episode 2 - what the words "cosmos", "universe", "astronomy", "astrology" mean. Jakub Malik explains in sign language.

Do “cosmos” and “universe” mean the same?

Is the meaning of these words the same? In the next part of this episode you will know about it “the cosmos “and “the universe” Are these words has the same meaning? What do these words mean? So, in brief: the words “cosmos” and “universe” mean the same thing – that is, everything that is beyond the Earth. It include all the stars, planets, moons, comets, galaxies and all the remaining matter which is in the universe right now. But when we are speaking about the cosmos or the universe we mean not only matter, but also the laws of physics, time, energy, vacuum – about these all things. We will gradually tell in the next episodes.

Sometimes in philosophy words “cosmos” and “the universe” they have a little different meaning. But philosophy does not interest us – in science both of these words are synonymous.

What is an astronomy?

Astronomy is a field of science dealing with the study of the universe. It is a huge branch of science, which is divided into many smaller ones, e.g. for radio-astronomy, star astronomy, solar astronomy thirty and many others.

Astronomy or Astrology?

Many people mistaken the word “Astronomy” with the word “astrology”. These are two completely different meanings. Astronomy is science about the universe. And astrology is the belief that that the position of the stars in the sky has an impact on human life. We are not interested in astrology.

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