Cosmic Sign Language, or what to do when there is no sign in sign language? Learning to sign #44

What to do when a word in phonetic language doesn't have its sign in sign language?

In sign language, one often encounters situations where a word in the phonetic language lacks an equivalent in sign language. What should you do in such cases? How can you convey your thoughts in PJM (Polish Sign Language)? Jakub Malik explains this topic, using astronomical signs as an example.

Signs in sign language related to astronomy.

Before us is the first of two parts titled: “Cosmic Signs in PJM, or what to do when there is no sign in sign language?” Join us for the 44th episode of “Learning to Sign!“, which is also the 16th episode of our series “Astronomy with the Deaf World,” in which we explain the basics of how the cosmos works in PJM.

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