Children have a voice – Zofia Kocon – International Sign (IS).

Interview conducted by 12-year-old Maks Garman with Sophie Kocon.

Hi! My name is Maks, I will conduct the interview. What is your name?

Hi, my name is Zosia.

Childhood, dreams and sports goals

What was your childhood like? What did you dream about, what goals did you have?

I used to love sports. I always wanted to play at a good level. It was also my dream to be called up to the national team. In the beginning I was a hearing person, over time I became deaf. I thought that in the cadre of hearing people would be difficult due to the high level. I practiced, focused on the hearing cadre, Then I was in the deaf frame, I managed to fulfill my dream — I went to the Olympics! It was great! I felt part of the staff, I was representing Poland.

What discipline is this?


My goal is swimming. I dream of winning a medal at the Olympics. What was your favorite game in your childhood?

Hmmm… what was my favorite game in my childhood! I think it was always sports.

What did you like to do, What was your situation at school like?

At the beginning I had a good talked, normally. Then I felt that I was losing my hearing. Contact was difficult, I couldn’t understand. Initially, I was ashamed As a hard of hearing to ask for attention to me, help, to make eye contact Or to speak clearly. I was ashamed at first, But the older I got, the more ordinary it was for me, that I was hard of hearing. I don’t have a problem (with that).

Do you like to read?

I do.

What kind of subject matter do you like?

I like detective stories.

I don’t know. Do you have an animal at home?

I don’t. Once my grandmother and grandfather had a dachshund dog. I always loved him. I dreamed of having a dog, maybe in the future it will come true!

Do you have a family, children?

I don’t have any yet. I recently got married.

That’s it, thank you very much!

Thank you!

The Intergenerational Deaf Forum was held as part
of the “Intergenerational Center for the Deaf” project.
The task is financed by the Minister of Education and Science.

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