Car purchase agreement. Deaf World MOTO #15

How to properly draft a contract when buying a used car? What to pay attention to? What not to do? Jakub Malik explains in PJM. Deaf World MOTO #15

Purchase and Sale Agreement does not have to be printed, you can write it by hand on a piece of paper, must, however, be legible. As MOTO Deaf World we have created a model purchase and sale agreement. Click here to download the agreement. It will help you with the formalities when buying or selling a car. The contract also has a QR code, Which will direct you to a video with instructions on how to fill it out.

What does a car purchase/sale agreement look like?

We write purchase and sale agreements in duplicate, Which doesn’t mean, that visually they have to be identical — it is enough that they are identical. On each of the copies must bear the signatures of both parties to the agreement. Remember to have the following data in it:

Vendor data

It is not necessary to provide the TIN, important to record such data as: first name, last name, registered address, ID card number and PESEL.

Buyer’s data

Remarks the same as for the seller: first name, last name, We enter the address of registration or residence, identity document number and PESEL. With this data, we will be able to provide law enforcement agencies with reliable data identifying the person.

Vehicle data

The data is supposed to allow to identify the vehicle. Theoretically, the make, model is enough, body number or registration number. In practice, the communications departments communications departments also demand entry of the year of the car. Considering the interest of the of the buyer, it is worth asking for 2 things -. to enter the mileage of the odometer and for the seller to declare, That the vehicle is accident-free and has not been involved in any collision. If, the seller does not want to include such information in the contract — do not buy this vehicle. In summary, in the third point we record information such as: make of car, model, VIN number – possibly license plate number, year of production, mileage and a statement about the accident-free nature of the vehicle.

Transaction amount

The amount for which we buy/sell the car, is an absolutely essential entry without this, the contract is invalid! At the same time, the contract should contain information about the method of settlement: Whether it is a transfer (future or already made).

Important note! Never understate the amount of sale on the contract! First – is a violation of the tax law, specifically 62 article of the Polish Fiscal Penal Code. It is true that there is a savings associated with a lower PCC tax, however, this tax in Poland is only 2% on the value written in the contract.

Seller’s suggestion, to enter a lower sales amount Is just plain crafty –. because if the vehicle had specifically hidden defects – you have the right to withdraw from the purchase vehicle and request a refund – written in the contract. Let’s assume that the seller entered the amount of PLN 30,000, at the time, when you have realistically agreed on an amount of 40 thousand zlotys, if there is a breach of contract due to hidden defects in the vehicle, the amount you can apply for is the amount on the contract — 30 thou. The vendor won’t give us 40 thousand zloty then. This means that at this point the seller recovered the car and made 10,000 zlotys on it! Remember, don’t get cheated, always write in the contract the amount, for which you bought the vehicle!


They don’t have to be legible signature is a signature. If there is more than one person on either side There is more than one person present, there should be signatures of all participants – i.e. the co-owners of the car – too! Important! Never sign a contract that already appears the signature of a completely unknown person, Even more so, the alleged owner of the vehicle! After the sale – secure one copy of the contract, don’t throw it away, it will come in handy. Immediately after the sale of the car report this fact to the traffic department. It doesn’t cost anything, Usually no need to wait in line either. Certificates from the communications department should be guarded in the same way, as the purchase and sale agreement.

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