Can the military take the car? World of the Deaf MOTO# 8 (sign language)

"Can the military take your car?" - video in sign language. World of the Deaf MOTO #8

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The events of recent months, such as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border and the specter of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a real test of the effectiveness of the Polish army. In emergency situations, it is natural to prepare the army to defend the country. However, not every citizen knows that it can be used for this purpose… his private car even in a completely peaceful state – it is perfectly legal. Find out more about it by watching this video.

When can the military take our car?

Under the law, the army has the right to seize a private car at the time of the announcement of the mobilization of the army and during the war, as well as in peacetime, e.g. during preparations for the defense of the state, and also to combat natural disasters and eliminate their consequences. This regulates:

The military may “rent” our car in peacetime in three cases:

  1. In order to check the mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces
  2. In connection with military exercises or exercises in units intended to be militarized
  3. In connection with practical exercises in the field of universal self-defense or exercises in civil defense.

How long can our car be used in the army?

In a state of peace, the military has the right to rent our car in three cases. It is the shortest in the third case, because the military has the right to “borrow” car for 24 hours. During the year, he can do this 3 times. In order to check the mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces (point 1) a 48-hour period applies. The military has the right to seize the car three times a year. In turn, during military exercises or exercises organized in units intended for militarization (point 2) the vehicle may be used for a maximum of 7 days, and the call may not be sent more than once a year.

The above-mentioned terms do not apply during the official declaration of a state of war, when the military has the right to use the vehicle until the need to use it ceases to exist.

How is the process of taking over our car?

At the outset, it is worth noting that the army has the right to seize only vehicles entered in the military records. How are private cars located there? For this purpose, the Military Supplementary Command sends it to the commune head / mayor / president a request to enter a specific vehicle into the register. The head of the commune / mayor / president is responsible for informing the owner of the vehicle about entering it in the military register. They usually concern trucks, buses and earthmoving vehicles – bulldozers, excavators, but also off-road vehicles and, more and more often, SUVs. Entering on the list does not mean that the car will be taken for sure. In practice, such situations practically do not happen: the main purpose of the register is to check defense capabilities in the event of a crisis situation.

Will we get compensation for taking over the car by the military?

For lending your car or two-wheeler for the needs of the army, the state will pay us accordingly. The amounts are regulated by the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of March 25, 2002. For motorbikes and passenger cars, rates apply for each kilometer traveled. However, the owner is entitled to compensation for the destruction or damage to the car. What are the rates?

Moped0,1189 PLN / km
Motorcycle0,1982 PLN / km
Passenger car up to 900 cm³0,4488 PLN / km
Passenger car from 900 cm³0,7195 PLN / km


That would be it for the case. Question – Have any of you met with the information about entering the car into the register? Share it in the comments!

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