BMW Bison Club – BMW deaf fans rally. World of the Deaf MOTO #9

We invite you to interviews with deaf fans of BMW - BMW Bison Club. The talks were conducted by Jakub Malik. Tomasz Morawski translated. World of the Deaf MOTO #9 (Świat Głuchych MOTO #9).

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Interview with a participant from Lithuania

Hi! Today we have here… Anyway, you know him, present your sign.

My sign is:

Great! Let me ask you a few questions. First of all – what engine do you have in this car?

It’s a BMW, E46, 318, 1.8 liters, diesel engine. It has 100 horses, driven on the rear axle. Upon arrival, we welded the differential, it’s not quite normal for this car, but okay, shh…

You are also a group leader, tell me something about it!

We founded the club in 2015, I was its president then, and still am.

How often do you organize any events?

In Lithuania, we organize meetings about every 2 weeks, they aim to spend a nice time, a bit like going to a cafe. Sometimes we meet and do something else – we go karting, play paintball, obligatory, we also organize a joint camp every year, we want to create a family atmosphere and tighten ties…

You’ve changed your logo recently – haven’t you? What was the reason?

We chose the first logo “fast”, we linked the wolf with the BMW logo, and the rest of the club accepted it. Later, we encountered quite a few problems with this when we wanted to use the logo for license plate frames. The problem was that no one wanted to undertake the printing of the copied BMW logo. Due to the copyright law, we could not even use this logo officially, using this logo would break the law. So if we want to operate on a larger scale, we cannot allow it. For this reason, we decided to change this logo. The current logo was designed by a deaf person from Lithuania, this is how its sign flashes:

How many active people are there in the club, are we talking about Lithuania here?

But on the club board?

No, no… Generally people who show up at conventions.

There are maybe 20 regulars who come every 2 weeks. But there are 104 members on the club’s board of directors. Only in Lithuania. In 2015, when we founded the club, there were 11 members, over the years the number has grown to 104 people. 

Not bad! Let’s go to the car – how much mileage does it have?

Right now – not much – about 269,000, but I would like a lot more, I dream of a million!

OK! How long have you driven it?

About 50k, but I’d like to knock that million mileage!

We know you travel a lot – will you tell the most interesting story from some trip? In Lithuania or in another part of Europe…

We drove all of Lithuania along the roads near the border. Although when I came to Warsaw now, I must admit that it is very pretty! To tell you the truth, it’s hard for me to draw one story, everywhere I’ve been was really beautiful!  I can’t cite one story or place…

 Good! And tell me – what are you planning as a club for the future?

We would like to unite BMW drivers from Latvia and Estonia, and tighten the ties between us. And later… Then maybe some more countries – e.g. France, one day maybe the whole Europe, who knows… So many different cultures, it would be very interesting to get to know them all, be in tune with each other, like one big family! Mega! I would also like to add that this is the goal of the club, not my whims… We also do not want to force anyone, those who want – will join, those who do not want – will not join. We would like the club to work across Europe.

You also mentioned your plans for Poland – will you tell?

I am very glad that you came here to Poland. For the last 6 years you have organized a lot of trips, events, some drag races, some drifting meetings and much, much more. In Poland, we thought about creating something similar, but we did not succeed… However, when we contacted you said you wanted to unite all of Europe, so we join you! The world of the deaf is small, let’s show everyone the unity that prevails in us, let’s show our culture… It’s a great initiative, so we want to be part of it too! We have already negotiated the details of the cooperation and we hope that we will start cooperation soon.

Wow! If you also have a BMW, and you are not here at the rally – we invite you to the next rally, so that you can have a good time with us! Great, thank you beautifully!

Conversation with a visitor from Estonia

Hi, this is the second interview – with whom? Please introduce yourself.

This is my sign: I come from Lithuania, but currently live in Estonia.

Come on, your BMW looks really good! I will improvise a little with sign language, maybe you will understand me… I have a few questions about the car – when did you become the owner?

I bought this car a year ago, but before that, I also had a BMW.

Great! And tell me, please, what model is it, what is the engine?

This is a BMW F31, the designation is 320, engine capacity is 2140 cm3, power is 135 horses, however, it was chipped and now has 160 hp.

Great! Since when have you been a member of the club and why?

Once, when I was confused, I was looking for someone who would be able to tell me something, help me somehow. When the club was founded it became a forum to exchange knowledge about cars, I learned a lot of things there! They helped me solve the shortcomings that I had in the car at the time, I also learned that you can do these things cheaper and better. I also know that if I encounter any problems with the car, I can ask the club members for help and it will be provided for me. It builds family relationships.

You said that you had a BMW in the past, tell me why BMW?

Being a member of the club, I found out how good this brand makes cars! They are good, strong cars. You ride them “lightly”, you don’t feel the speed in it, so I often have to be careful… Because the perceived speed is usually lower than the real one…

Thank you very much for the interview, thank you also for coming here from so far…

Interview with Arkadiusz Czyż

This is the third interview in this film, luckily without Tom… because we both sign in Polish. Great, first question – please introduce yourself…

This is my sign: My name is Arkadiusz Czyż.

I would like to ask you a bit about your car, because you can see that you picked something on it, please tell me what exactly you changed in it.

In the beginning, it was an ordinary BMW. After some time, I decided that I would like to do something with it, this is how a project was created that only I work on. As you can see, it took me 2 years, I was looking for and ordering individual parts myself, I also took care of their assembly… Recently, I also took part in a rally…


No, no… Another – this.

Oh! Interestingly… Tell me please, what is this BMW model?

E46 Series 3, the reference is 328.

And what’s the engine in it?

Benzynowe, 2,8 l, ale planuje za rok czy dwa zrobić swap silnika na 3,2 l, z BMW M3 

Not bad, how many horses does it have?

110, but it was raised to 193

 Does he have a turbo?

No, it’s a free mammal, only the exhaust is sports…

Oh yeah! As you pulled up, I was wondering where did you hear that from – and that was you! Are you planning anything else besides changing the engine?

 Yes, widenings, wheel spacers, original M3 bonnet, M3 mirrors, and air shock absorbers – I will then be able to raise and lower the car. I also plan to buy a subwoofer in the trunk…

Interesting, deaf here, and yet a subwoofer for the car…

Yes, I love bass, and I can hear a bit… And inside – sports seats and a roll cage.

I like your plans. You mentioned that you assemble everything yourself – do you have your own workshop?

Yes, yes, I work in a workshop, I have it near my house.

Cool! If anyone needs a mechanic, I found one – you can stop by… Can?

Yes they can…

That’s great, a little ad won’t hurt! Great, then thank you for the interview…

Damian and BMW from England

Another, 4th interview… Please introduce yourself…

This is my sign: My name is Damian.

You probably know Damian, he puts a lot of posts on different groups… I see you have a nice car – tell us about him, about the engine…

It’s a simple 2.0 engine, 190 hp. I have a family, so 2.0 is enough for me…

Oh yeah, we understand… And before this car, did you also have a BMW?

Yes, yes… In England, I worked as a pizza delivery man, so I felt sorry for my BMW, I was driving a different car at that time. After a time when everything developed a little – I purchased this BMW.

Cool… As you can see after registration, it is a car from England, and it has the steering wheel on the wrong side, weird weird… oh but okey! Did you come especially for the rally?

No, no… I come from Lodz, currently living in England. I came to my family and I have been here for a month now. I noticed Tom’s post with information about the rally, so here I am.

Tell me, while living in Poland, in Łódź, have you had the pleasure to buy a car?


OK! So I have a question, what is the difference between buying a car in Poland and in England?

There is a big difference in price. In England it is definitely cheaper than in Poland. For this reason, many people bring cars from there.

Oh, let me just ask – how long have you been the owner of the car?

I have the car from November, so it will be almost a year…

I must admit that I like the car, the only thing that bothers me is that it is in a station wagon, but the family and these matters…

I have to put the cart somewhere…

Oh yeah… Great, thank you very much for the interview, it was nice to meet you…


BMW fans

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting a single girl at the convention. Well, because most car fans are rather men. And here please – 2 girls – please introduce yourselves.

This is my sign: And this is my sign:

I am Kuba, I think you know me… Okay, first question – since when do you have the car?

I bought the car in 2017, I’m happy with it and it drives very well. Well, I bought the car quite recently – in January, I’m happy with it too.

Well, it will be 7 months already… Another question, what are the engines in these cars?

It’s a 2.0 engine, 160 horse power, I also have a 2.0 engine, with a power of 140 horses.

Not only that BMW, it’s also quick… So why did you come to the convention here?

I found out that there is something organized like that, so I came just out of curiosity. I am also very interested in the topic of cars – their motors, lamps, etc. I’m also interested in it, I also knew about the BMW club before, I saw what they were doing in Lithuania. I was glad to learn that it will be organized in Poland – that’s why I am!

Both are interested in cars – interesting… I don’t think I have any more questions for you. I am very happy that you are at the convention. As you can see, both are not afraid of strong cars, and are also interested in them – cool!

I would like to add that I dream that there would be more girls at such meetings than both of us…

By the way, did you know BMW stands for “God Chose Me” („Bóg Mnie Wybrał”)? Thanks for the interview, it was nice! Hi! 

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