Between Us. The Life of a Multigenerational Deaf Family

We invite you to watch the film "Between Us. The Life of a Multigenerational Deaf Family," in which we learn about the Garman family.

“Between Us. The Life of a Multigenerational Deaf Family” is a film in which we meet the Garman family – a three-generation deaf family and their hearing aunt. What is the relationship between the family members like? Is lack of hearing a problem? How is deafness among children perceived by doctors versus deaf parents? These are just some of the topics covered, which you will see in the video. The entire interview with Polish Sign Language (PJM) or translated into PJM, and with Polish and English subtitles.

As the Deaf World Foundation, we would like to thank the whole family very much for participating in the film. The following were featured: from the Garman family – Grazyna, Tadeusz, Monika, Rafal, Maksymilian, Dawid, and the aunt – Dorota Kowalewska.

The Intergenerational Deaf Forum was held as part
of the “Intergenerational Center for the Deaf” project.
The task is financed by the Minister of Education and Science.

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