Application Test for the deaf – ‘ALARM112’.

ALARM112 is an application created for the hearing-impaired, deaf, and mute individuals. With this application, you can save lives! How to install it? How to use it? Emergency medical responder, Hubert Głagowski, explains in sign language.

The last part of Hubert Głagowski’s first aid training. In this video, we will see how to use the ‘Alarm 112’ application (the app is named “Alarm112” on Google Play and “Alarm-112” on the App Store). We will also learn:

  • What the Emergency Response Center (CPR) is and how it works.
  • When to call the police or an ambulance.
  • Whether it is permissible to call emergency services as a prank.
  • When the European Emergency Number 112 Day is observed.

Additionally, we will witness a practical test – the actual use of the Alarm 112 application. However, please NOTE that you should not attempt this test on your own. Hubert performed the test after coordinating with specialized services and obtaining their permissions.

You can download the Alarm 112 application here (click): App Store, Google Play.

The entire video is presented in Polish Sign Language (PJM) with subtitles in both Polish and English. If you wish to view Hubert’s professional profile on Facebook, click here.

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